Dear Magherafelt District Council,

1) Do you have a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and/or Policy (or similar)? If so please attach.

2) Has this document been adopted by Council or Cabinet (or similar), if so, when?

3) Has a Councillor been assigned to champion this Strategy/Policy (or similar), if so, who?

4) Is the strategy/policy (or similar) supported by an action/programme/project plan? If so, please attach.

5) Is this plan delivering on time and to budget?

6) What are those timescales and budget?

7) Are progress reports provided to Cabinet/Council (or similar), if so, please attach.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Cole

Maria Dale, Magherafelt District Council

Dear Jake

Thank you for your email which we received on the 17 February 2013 regarding climate adaptation strategy.

Your request has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I can advise you that in Northern Ireland the DARD, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development takes the lead on the climate change agenda through a Climate Change Unit. Flood risk management is led by the Rivers agency and a map identifying flood risk is available on their website.

This Council does not have a separate strategy for climate change and no members of staff are employed as climate adaption officers. You may wish to contact:

Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development,
Dundonald House, Upper Newtownards Road,
Ballymiscaw, Belfast BT4 3SB
Helpline ~ 0300 200 7852
Email ~ [email address]
Headquarters Address
Rivers Agency HQ
4 Hospital Road
Tel: 028 9025 3355
Fax: 028 9025 3455
Email: [email address]

I trust that you will find the response satisfies the duty of disclosure imposed by the Freedom of Information Act 2000. However, I would advise you that if you are unhappy with the response or if you are unhappy with the way we have handled your request you have the right to seek a review of this matter by writing to:

The Chief Executive
Magherafelt District Council
50 Ballyronan Road
BT45 6EN

If after such a review you are still unhappy with the response, you have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner who will undertake an independent review. The Information Commissioner may be contacted at the following address:

Information Commissioner's Officer
51 Adelaide Street

There is no charge for making an appeal.


Maria Dale
Policy and Development Officer
Magherafelt District Council -50 Ballyronan Road - Magherafelt - BT45 6EN
T: (028) 79397979 - - F: (028) 79397980 -
W: E: [email address]

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