Climate change adaptation strategy

Tom Cole made this Freedom of Information request to Glasgow City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Glasgow City Council,

1) Do you have a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and/or Policy (or similar)? If so please attach.

2) Has this document been adopted by Council or Cabinet (or similar), if so, when?

3) Has a Councillor been assigned to champion this Strategy/Policy (or similar), if so, who?

4) Is the strategy/policy (or similar) supported by an action/programme/project plan? If so, please attach.

5) Is this plan delivering on time and to budget?

6) What are those timescales and budget?

7) Are progress reports provided to Cabinet/Council (or similar), if so, please attach.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Cole

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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Robertson, Martin, Glasgow City Council

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Please see attached response to your Freedom of Information request.
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Martin Robertson
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