Claims Northumbria Police love pads, assault, deleting police records, officer pressured a vulnerable member of staff into two sex acts.... Martin McGartland request

Martin McGartland made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

15 April 2019

Dear CC Keenen / Northumbria Police ,

I have attached news report from August 2018 Fyi and to assist with the FOI request .

Staffordshire Police have confirmed around that time that; "We have been commissioned to undertake an independent review surrounding allegations in 2007 involving senior officers at Northumbria Police."

I would like the following information and documents concerning this matter;

1. When is the independent review due to be completed (if not already)?

2. Who 'commissioned' the review?

3. Have Staffordshire Police disclosed / shared any draft reports and or findings with You , Northumbria policde and or Vera Baird / Northumbria OPCC during the past 12 months?
(a) If they have, please supply date/s.

4. What is the total cost (amount) of the review to taxpayer (to you / Northumbria Police, Vera Baird OPCC Northumbria ) since the review began and up until the date this request is answered?

4. Will you / Northumbria POlice and or Vera Baird / OPCC Northumbria (given the serious allegations, claims of serious corruption and criminal offences) be publicly disclosing the full Staffordshire Police review report and findings to the public (who funded to review - good old taxpayer, easy come, easy go). If not, please explain why not?

As well as the above, this request is for copies (or the original document/s);

A, The terms of reference ToR for above independent review;

B, Detailed breakdown of all amounts claimed by Staffordshire Police, its officers and staff relating to each / every amount spent by them, claimed / invoiced to you / Northumbria Police and or Vera Baird / OPCC Northumbria (or which is due to be claimed) relating to the review.

This part of the request is full details, i.e. each / every amount claimed by Staffordshire Police and invoiced / billed to you, Northumbria Police, Vera Baird / OPCC.... including but not limited to; description/s of each / every payment, reasons for all payment , amount/s of each / every , dates of all payments (this part of the request is for everything - as it appears on your internal account systems etc )

C. Copies of all invoices, bills / breakdowns of accounts claimed by Staffordshire Police as sent to you / Northumbria Police for payments relating to the review.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

New probe into claims 'police covered up' sex scandal bust-up as Line of Duty cops quiz ex-chiefs

Claims were made against ex-Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik and his Assistant Chief Constable Carolyn Peacock at an employment tribunal two years ago

ByJeremy Armstrong
20:13, 18 AUG 2018UPDATED18:15, 19 AUG 2018

Anti-corruption cops are probing an alleged cover-up of a “sex scandal” involving a former chief constable.

Lurid claims about ex-Northumbria Police chief Mike Craik and his Assistant Chief Constable Carolyn Peacock were made at an employment tribunal two years ago.

Mr Craik, now 63, was alleged to be “shagging” Mrs Peacock, now 63, whose husband Chief Supt Jim Peacock allegedly punched him at a barbecue in June 2007.

Mr Peacock, also 63, is alleged to have gone to Mr Craik’s home to confront him after claims of his wife’s alleged infidelity emerged.

Mr Craik’s wife Sharon allegedly hit a panic alarm at the house in Bamburgh, Northumberland, which meant armed cops were called to it.

But the employment tribunal into the sacking of the force’s legal chief Denise Aubrey heard that details of the alleged showdown were removed from police logs, with officers ordered not to discuss it.

Now Northumbria Crime Commissioner Vera Baird has enlisted Staffordshire Police to carry out a review into the claims.

It is being led by Det Chief Insp Phil Duffy, head of Staffordshire’s anti-corruption unit, who has ­visited the North East to talk to ­former senior officers in the case.

Ms Aubrey, 54, said: “The timing of this investigation is something I do not understand, given the delay. But I am willing to assist.”

The tribunal upheld her sacking for breaching confidentiality over allegations surrounding Mr Craik.

Northumbria Police’s legal bill for the tribunal was £645,000, including the cost of advice to Mr Craik and other ex-senior officers.

Inspector Paul Gilroy, who was in charge of armed response vehicles, provided a statement to the tribunal in which he said that officers had been deployed at the Craiks’ home in Bamburgh.

“This followed the activation of the personal attack alarm,” he said.

“Before terminating duty I viewed a computer-generated log for the incident to find all the text subject of it had been deleted.

“After speaking to officers dispatched to the incident, it became apparent why the log had been deleted. The incident apparently involved an altercation between the Chief and Mr Peacock.”

Mr Craik retired in 2010. Asked if he had an affair with Mrs Peacock, he said: “Absolutely not. There was ­never any evidence other than unpleasant rumour and they are still rumours which are untrue.”

He called the allegations deeply distressing for his wife Sharon.

She said in 2016: “Mike first dealt with this nine years ago but it has come around again. It is nonsense. We did not have a party and the Peacocks have never been to my house.”

The Peacocks, of Ponteland, deny all claims of an affair and a dispute at a barbecue. Mrs Peacock retired in 2007.

Ms Baird and Northumbria Police declined to comment.

Staffordshire Police said:” We have been commissioned to undertake an independent review surrounding allegations in 2007 involving senior officers at Northumbria Police.

"No further comments will be made surrounding this matter.”

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Northumbria Police rocked by yet another sex scandal as tribunal continues

Tribunal hearing told how Supt David Borrie 'pressured vulnerable member of staff into two sex acts'

19:26, 6 MAY 2016UPDATED19:27, 6 MAY 2016

An under fire police chief allowed a colleague, who pressured a vulnerable member of staff into two sex acts, to stay on so he would not lose his pension, a tribunal heard.

Former chief constable Mike Craik, who has been at the centre of damning allegations about the conduct of high ranking officers at Northumbria Police, is said to have instead just had a “quiet word” with superintendent David Borrie.

Mr Borrie, 57, who was not dismissed after the incidents in his car, was simply advised by Mr Craik “don’t apply for promotion”, it is alleged.

It took an investigation by the police watchdog to rule that Mr Borrie should receive an official warning.

The case has heard how Mr Craik is also accused of lying to try and cover up an affair he had with his assistant chief constable Carolyn Peacock, but was accosted by her chief superintendent husband, Jim, and punched at a barbecue he hosted at his Northumberland home.

The police were called to deal with the altercation, but the record of this was then said to be deleted and officers told not to look for it.

Details of a second fling involving “tassels with nipples” and “hula hoops” have also emerged, which is said to have involved assistant chief constable Greg Vant and Mr Craik’s secretary, Juliet Bains.

The tribunal in North Shields, was convened after Denise Aubrey, the former head of legal services at the force, was sacked for gross misconduct after she was accused of disclosing information about the affairs.

Ms Aubrey, 54, denies this and has instead accused her former bosses of “unfair dismissal following a protected disclosure, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, victimisation and harassment”.

In her statement, she said Mr Borrie pursued the “extremely vulnerable” civilian member of staff, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and “groped her in the office”.

She said: “On another occasion, he took her for a drink in the afternoon at a pub and then pressurised her into giving him oral sex.”

This happened a second time and eventually an investigation was launched.

Ms Aubrey added of the two officers: “Despite these and more serious allegations, which took many months to investigate, they were never suspended pending their disciplinary hearing.

“They were just moved and continued to have unfettered access to all police information systems.

“In contrast, I was suspended for what I am supposed to have said when I was mentally ill.”

Previously at the hearing, Ms Aubrey said she had been asked by Mr Craik to advise him on libel and trying to keep accusations of the affair out of the media.

“I don’t know if he lied to me but from what I have found out since, I think he did,” she said.

Northumbria Police had sought to stop the allegations about Mr Craik, Ms Bains and the Peacocks being fully reported through requesting the court ban them from being named.

But Judge Humphrey Forrester withdrew the order he had initially made after listening to representations on behalf of the press from barrister Gervase de Wilde.

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