Dear Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead,

Can you please confirm whether you are currently using or have previously used the Civica Paris as a social care case management system?

If so, please confirm whether this was Children's or Adult Services or both?

Please confirm whether it is still operational?

If it's not still operational, please confirm the approximate date (year only) it was decommissioned?

If you have replaced Civica Paris with another case management system, please state whether you have any residual legacy date from Paris archived / stored anywhere other than the replacement case management system?

If you still have legacy data from Paris:

How is it stored (i.e. what application or platform is used)?

How frequently data is accessed, for what purpose & by whom (high-level info only)?

The overall estimated total cost of maintaining this archive?

Whether issues associated with storing social care legacy data are recorded on a departmental or corporate risk register?

Yours faithfully,

Rita Gillespie

foi, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Dear Rita Gillespie,

Children’s Services and Adult’s Services for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) are delivered by Achieving for Children (AfC) and Optalis our partner organisations providing children & adult social care on behalf of the council.

We do not hold the information you require you will therefore need to submit your request directly to them at: [email address] or [email address]

Yours Sincerely

Angelica Popa, PC.foi.
Information Governance and Elections Officer
Information Governance Team
Governance Service
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
Town Hall, St.Ives Road
Tel: 01628-685806

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