City Cemetery IoT Project

Currently waiting for a response from Belfast City Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Ashleigh Coleman

Dear Belfast City Council,

Please could you provide the following with regard to your City Cemetery IoT project:

1. A copy of the DIPA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
2. Copies of all Equality Impact Assessments
3. Copies of all Risk Assessments both for public and staff with regard to hazards from exposure to wireless radiation from IoT sensors
4. Project documentation providing details of the rationale for the project, outcomes and measures which will be used.
5. Details of the Council's public liability and employer's liability insurance arrangements for harm which may be caused by exposure to wireless radiation from IoT transmitters.
6. Whether the IoT sensors deployed will be using 4G, 5G or other frequencies (please specify which).
7. Details of any third party which will be handling data at any stage.

Please also provide the following
8. Details of other IoT projects which are currently operating and/or planned by Belfast City Council.

Yours faithfully,

Ashleigh Coleman

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