Citroen C8 2.0 HDI and 2.2 HDI cam belt failure

sarah graber made this Freedom of Information request to Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

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Dear Vehicle and Operator Services Agency,

1. How many reports have you received of cam belt failure in the Citroen C8 2.0 HDi and Citroen C8 2.2HDi between January 2003 and September 2011?

2. Please state how many reports in respect of each vehicle were received in each year, together with the approximate ages of the vehicles and approximate mileage covered at the time of failure.

3. Please confirm what Citroen's response was in each case. Where information is available, please confirm how many of the vehicles were repaired either partly or entirely at Citroen's expense.

4. Please confirm if any vehicles were submitted to yourselves for testing and, if so, provide the results of those tests.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Graber

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

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Dear Ms Graber

Please find attached an acknowledgment for your request for information.

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Kind Regards

Julie Warren
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Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

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Dear Ms Graber

Please find VOSA's response to your recent request for information

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Colin Purnell
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David left an annotation ()

FACT: There IS a problem with coolant leakage from the water pump, which prematurely deteriorates the cambelt! Citroen don't admit this BUT...

1. They made a design change from 2007 (56 plate I think) to rectify the problem

2. Dealers & Citroen will state the car is 'out of warranty' and this is 'black & white'! However, the service manual also states in black & white that they recommend cambelt change at 100,000 so any failure at 40,000, 50,000, 60,000, etc is totally unreasonable and if you state this along with quotes of Trading Standards, etc, they WILL back down and fit you a new engine FOC - I know because it happended to me and it worked!

David left an annotation ()

That may be water off the windsreen rather than the pump but either way Citroen (plus Peugeot & Fiat) definately made a design change to sort the issue!

Melvyn Malee left an annotation ()

Hi I have recently experienced a cam belt failure with my C8 the mileage was 61000 and the reg is 05 plate and like all other unsuspecting owners I was not unduly worried about the cam belt as I expected replacement before 100,000 or 10 years . My car was taken to the citroen dealership and following a 2weeks deliberation period they decided that the repairs would be carried out under warrantee. For this I was truly gratefully knowing the cost of repairs was in the region of £4,500. The repairs though took 3 months to complete. On return of the car I did have a few problems with missing cam belt covers and missing towing eye also pipes and cables not secured in the proper clips etc. Suppose I should be grateful overall though.

sarah graber left an annotation ()

Further to my original request, the engine in my vehicle was replaced at no cost to me. I had incurred a number of expenses as a result of the issue which Citroen UK refused to deal with. As a result, I issued court proceedings for my other losses (based on negligence against Citroen UK Limited) and the matter was settled to my satisfaction shortly before trial.

badreddine left an annotation ()

I do have a C8 2004 2.2hdi.
cambelt snaped at 101000 miles.
Citroen France recommeds to replace the camblet at 100000KM,
my uk citroen book states cambelt need to be replaced 10 years
or 100000 miles.
Here the problem 100000miles is not equal to 100000KM.

100000Kms=around 62000miles.So the c8 instruction book should mention that the timing belt should be replaced at 62000 miles...
I think the fact that cambelt snap arounf 60000miles is normal as it is close to 100000kms which is what citroen france recommend.
I belive that the translation for this book is wrong...
I wonder if we can make a claim to have the engine replaced at citroen it is their mistake...

Peter Maloney left an annotation ()

My Picasso 2.0 hdi has failed twice, at 64000 and 112000. Total cost £1400+. Luckily no damage except cam followers.
Did not go back to Citroen garage due to them writing off one of my cars, and severely damaging another.

S Carter left an annotation ()

My cam belt has gone at 67k and caused other damage. Last night Citroen garage said they would do the repairs at their cost. This morning they have now said no because the car has not been serviced by them. The car has been serviced by mileage rather than time e.g. every 12k as we hardly use it. Any advice on what to do now? Thanks

Katy left an annotation ()

I have had a C8 2.0 HDI SX from new in June 2005. Cam belt went at 83,000 in 2014. Citroen paid for new engine etc. I paid for new clutch at the time too as engine was out (advised). Last week cam belt went again, suddenly lost power at 50 miles/hour. The car has mileage of 110,000 currently. According to dealership cam belt not normally inspected until 48,000 or 5 years. Citroen have refused to pay anything again. Since 2014 I have paid for standard servicing issues of £700, tyres (Dec 2016) £570 and £3500 for other issues, fairly happy that I would get 150,000 out of the car with the new engine/clutch etc (the major costs). I am interested in David's comments about the coolant. In Dec 2014 coolant levels remained low for a while and housing was replaced. In March 2017 coolant levels dipped again and unit was replaced £568! At no stage did anyone know to check damage to cam belt. Is the coolant issue worth bringing up with Citroen? I am now in situation that having confidently paid out on the car thinking the cam belt issue would never happen again but now have a car that is scrap. Should I take this to court? Advice very welcome.