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Alana made this Freedom of Information request to West Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board

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The request was successful.

Dear Western Bay Regional Partnership Board,

I would like to know when a child/children are removed from parents under a section 20 what would be the timescale that children services would give to the parents to change in order to have the child/children return home.
I understand that each case is different however there must be some guidelines for children services to work with.

When a child/children are removed is it children services duty to the children to work with the parents to help them make the necessary changes for the children to return home to a safe environment.
If so what are children services guidelines to enable this. What sort of advice, help or work would be offered to the parents.

At what point would children services start court proceedings to remove the children more permanently from the parents.

I understand that it is very difficult to give a timescale for my questions as each and every case is so unique however there must be guidelines for children services to work with.
Even if you answer my questions with the bare minimal time offered in these circumstances.

Yours faithfully,


Michael Powney, West Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board

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Hello Alana

Further to your freedom of information request regarding Children’s
Services timescales, please find our response attached.


Michael Powney

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