Dear Department for Education,

Could I please have a list of all Day Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Children Centres and Children Playgrounds in London, in an excel sheet? If possible, I would also like to have a list with the registered Childminders in London.

I would like this to include the following:

- name of setting
- Email
- address
-phone number

Yours faithfully,


MINISTERS, Department for Education

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ACCOUNT, Unmonitored, Department for Education

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Dear Daniela 

Thank you for your request for information, which was received on 13
November 2019. You requested “a list of all Day Nurseries, Pre-Schools,
Children Centres, Children Playgrounds and registered Childminders in
London” in Excel format. You also asked for this information to include
“name of setting, Email, address, phone number”.

I have dealt with your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
(“the Act”). The Department holds information on LA maintained nurseries,
LA maintained schools with nursery provision (classed as community schools
on our records), children’s centres, free schools, academies, special
schools and pupil referral units establishments only.

The Department does not hold information regarding children’s playgrounds,
however this information may be available if you contact the Greater
London Authority or the relevant local authorities in London.

The Department also does not hold information about Private, Voluntary and
Independent (PVI) childcare providers, including pre-schools, day
nurseries and childminders (for England), as this is held by Ofsted.
However, you can request this information by contacting Ofsted via

As childcare is a devolved matter, the information accessible via the
links below is for England only.

The information you requested on LA maintained nurseries, LA maintained
schools with nursery provision, children’s centres, free schools,
academies, special schools and pupil referral units in London can be found

+ Attached spreadsheet for information (including email addresses)
+ [2]Get Information About Schools (GIAS) database for a register of
schools in England (excluding email addresses).

I have enclosed the spreadsheet with a small redaction to which we are
applying section 40(2) (personal data). Personal data is that which
relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data, or
from that data and other information which is likely to be in, or to come
into, the possession of the requestor.  Disclosure of this information
would contravene a number of the data protection principles in the General
Data Protection Regulations/Data Protection Act 2018, and would be
regarded as ‘unfair’.  By that, we mean the likely expectations of the
data subject that his or her information would not be disclosed to others
and the effect which disclosure would have on the data subject.  Section
40(2) is an absolute exemption and is not subject to the public interest

For further information, archived datasets and statistics can be found
here -
If you do not have access to the Internet at home, you may be able to use
facilities at your local public library.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me. Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

If you are unhappy with the way your request has been handled, you should
make a complaint to the Department by writing to me within two calendar
months of the date of this letter.  Your complaint will be considered by
an independent review panel, who were not involved in the original
consideration of your request. 

If you are not content with the outcome of your complaint to the
Department, you may then contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Yours sincerely


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