Child trafficking in Britain

M Singh (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to Cabinet Office

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Cabinet Office did not have the information requested.

M Singh (Account suspended)

Dear Cabinet Office,

Child trafficking in Britain

Can you please provide a list of all, if any, Judges, CAFCASS
Officers, Social Workers, Barristers, Local Authority Legal Team
Officers, Local Authority Chief Executives, Directors of Children
Services, Elected Members etc have ever been convicted of child
trafficking by way of forced adoptions in Britain.

Yours faithfully,

M Singh

M Singh (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Parents will find this of great interest forewarned is forearmed !

I respectfully submit my finding’s regarding the CAFCASS –CORAM Partnership.

CAFCASS are required by Law to be independent of all childcare related organisations and legal institutions.
Their sole purpose - to ensure that the child's interests are held paramount at all times.

Their latest published annual returns acknowledge payments from government in excess of £104 million. Willingly paid by the UK public with the assurance that CAFCASS will always maintain the principal of in

"The Best Interest of The Children"

The UK public’s current perception of CAFCASS, due to their performance, stats, in addition to the latest OFSTED report, is at an all time low. The would prefer them replaced with the assurance of the new organisation retaining the primary objective
of their very existence

"Ensuring and Safeguarding Our Children's Future".

CAFCASS joined in partnership on April 4th 2008 by Coram a registered charity,

(Annual turnover in (2005-2006) of 18 million).
No mention has been made available regarding Coram's background.


Coram began as a Masonic refuge for orphaned children and widows by Thomas Coram in 1739 and claimed status of charity under Royal Charter on 17th. October 1739 and further acts of parliament of 1740, 1885, and 1936.

Status of Coram 2005-2006 -

After Coram acquired their latest Adoption Centre 1st. April 2005 from the “Children’s Society” Renaming it “Ebony Care”, East Midlands
Coram then claimed to be the 3rd largest adopter of children in the UK.

They provide children for adoption to married, single parents, same sex couples, employment not essential, homeowner or tenant, not an issue, children can also be adopted to be resident out with the UK.

They promote their new adoption program - “Concurrent Placement”, which advocates placing a child at birth with the potential adopter’s until the Legal case is finalised in an effort to promote the “Bonding Process” with the adoptive parent.

They assist in the process of obtaining the current rate of payment for Foster Carer’s for the potential adopter’s.

Their only condition appears the potential adopter must pass the "Enhanced Disclosure" check
and sit Coram’s specifically written - "Parenting Skills Training for Adopters”,

A program written in conjunction with their partner “Anna Freud Centre” with the aid of the
Webster Stratton book – “The Incredible Years”

As stated on their web-site they would consider adoption an option in
cases where -

(1) Parents cannot agree on residence.
(2) Parents cannot agree on contact.

No mention is made throughout this advertisement of any threshold criteria to be reached, or more importantly any Child Protection issues, only disagreement issues.

Coram facilitated and was reimbursed for over 200 contact sessions on behalf of CAFCASS in the recorded year.

Coram taught school personnel to spot the “Early Signs of Neglect”, and Child Abuse signs.

Coram taught Social Service Workers “Child Protection” issues based on their again exclusive self-written courses.

In essence - Coram teach the professional’s how to address Child Protection issues.

Coram designed and obtained an AQA for their program – “Life & Social Skills Programme” designed to assist their young homeless people live their life.

Coram had current agreements with surrounding Authorities –

Camden, Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Westminster, Kilburn,
Tower Hamlets, Milton Keynes, Southwark, Thamesmead
Coram has numerous separate companies; some related and included in their charity ventures. Some not e.g. their financially successful “Research Unit”

Examples of Coram’s Ventures –

Sure Start – High view
Sure Start – Holloway
Sure Start – Roundwood
Sure Start – South Kilburn
Sure Start – King’s Cross and Holburn
Sure Start – Barking and Dagenham
Sure Start – Camden Wide
Milton Keynes Family Support Service
Ebony Care, Adoption Centre, East Midlands

Coram Services –

Parent Training
Working in Schools
Young Parent Projects
Parent Education
Drop in Crèche facilities
Outreach Workers
Personal Advisory Service
Supported Accommodation
Mentoring and Education
Fathers Work
Youth Offending
Work in Communities and schools

Coram supply –

Management of Local Authority Adoptions
Specialised training for Social Workers involved with family placements

Coram provide –

Adult Consultation
Child and Adult Psychiatry
Adult Psychology
Mental Health

Coram’s partners the “Tavistock Centre” assist with the psychology and psychiatry aspects.

2005-2006 Coram began to fund a future venture, recorded comments include –

“Funding major challenge facing Coram in coming year to find best workable solution to attaining long term financial viability”

“The reconstructing is an ongoing process which planned to be completed during 2006-2007”

“Providing better value for money to our funder’s in Social Services and supporting people”

Coram began to train Lawyers and Foster Carer’s for supervised contact.

Review and upgrade all policies and procedures.

Coram today -

Coram provides training for Social Services.

Work in total partnership with CAFCASS

Provide training courses for professionals in Child Protection Roles

Provide Parenting Classes for parents and potential adopters

Provide babies from birth for their “Concurrent Placement” scheme

Oversee Contact sessions

Provide legal representation for family court procedures.

Provide assessments with the assistance of the “Tavistock Centre”

Coram even offer a comprehensive service to such adults and birth relatives seeking
information after the adopted person turns eighteen. For some this may even lead to contact
with a birth relative.

In 2005-2006 Coram was able to assist 81 people seeking information about their life history.
62 Adoptions versus 81 Adopted adults now seeking their life history.

The information contained in these three pages is a condensed version of part of the
background of the Coram Charity.

Which fact contained in this factual recorded report, even in part does not contain an element that is not a total “Conflict of Interest”?

Personal View -

It is my understanding we are still entitled to our own personal opinion in this country.

In addition to be entitled to voice our opinions and views, In fact I believe this to be Law.

I claim that right now as a British Citizen.

I believe that Coram have in conjunction with other agencies planned, funded and made ready
for this partnership since 2005-2006. Prepared and ready for Carcass’s inevitable fall from

It is my belief that Coram has now total coverage of the potential for the adoption of children who are in the legal process here in the UK.

Consider these facts, CAFCASS deal with 100,000 app. contacts a year, at present Coram deal
with 6,000. They recorded 62 official adoptions.
What percentage of these cases that Coram appear to have an element of control over, including their physiological assessments, contact, legal debate and access, will appear in next recorded Adoption figures.

The UK government withdrew their embarrassing “Forced Adoption Target’s” April 1st 2008.

Coram joined in partnership less than 4 days later.

Is this meant to reassure the UK public, whose views of Social Services are at rock bottom?

My understanding due to recent media coverage is that our government has recently funded for our Social Service Departments to receive further training, I believe Coram will provide this training.

I believe this, as I know of no other organisation that trains already trained to a standard of
acceptance by the Social Work Governing Bodies.

May I state the obvious?

Why are we training already fully trained professional Social Workers that may have already had a say in our courts regarding our children’s futures?

If they were not trained to the extent that is required due to lack of education, there may
potentially be cases that have been processed wrongly?

I, as a UK citizen am outraged that a registered Adoption Charity, with an annual turnover
Of 18 million can re-locate and facilitate a replica charity in the US including a University in
Dallas Texas, all relating to adoptions and fostering.

A registered Charity who owns a Fostering Company, who own a financially successful Research Company whose research is primarily Child related.

In addition I am shocked that a Charity located in such close proximity to children
Facilitate partnerships with worldwide known organisations e.g. “Tavistock Centre” and “Anna
Freud Centre”, who gained this notoriety for their documented trials on children, using drugs
and mind control techniques, all to achieve the result of control

Cabinet Office

Dear Mr Singh,

Thank you for your email below. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

I have checked with colleagues and I understand that the Ministry of Justice are better placed to answer your request. I suggest you get in touch with them direct and I attach below the contact details for their Freedom of Information team;

Please get in touch if you have any further queries. I propose to take no further on this unless I hear back from you.

Kind regards,

FOI Team
Cabinet Office

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