Child sexual Abuse cases reported - stats on who takes the lead and referals to CPS

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Dear Kent Police,

Part of our research we have been uncovering social services have been criticising parents, known as “protective parents”, for reporting child sexual abuse. These parents are having their children removed from their care and residency is being passed to the abuser, or the enabler of abuse. We have seen and heard evidence throughout the UK that social workers are using, and misleading, family courts to remove a child(ren) which we believe to be unlawfully. We believe that the family courts have not got the power or jurisdiction to deal with sensitive cases such as child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse should be heard in a criminal court. We have seen police forces pass the investigation to social services and failed to follow CPS guidelines by not taking the lead or referring to the CPS.
We have seen evidence of sexual discrimination by social workers therefore want to obtain data if there are any conviction differences between the father or mother reporting the abuse, (i.e. fathers are not taken seriously and any investigation is refused or ignored) and to see when police take the lead if it was only a professional or stranger as the suspect and only refer to social services if it was a mother or father report sexual abuse.

During the period of 01st January 2018 to January 2019 we would like to know the following
1. How many new child abuse cases (sexual) (aged 12 and under) have been reported collectively to your police force? Please could you break down statistics in the following format to this and the following questions; -
• Reported by the mother or maternal side of the family
• Reported by the father or paternal side of the family
• Reported by professionals (school, nursery etc.)
• Reported by outside persons such as friends, witnesses etc.

And out of these could you subcategorise if the suspect in the child abuse case was; -
• A family member.
• A friend of the family (i.e. babysitter).
• A professional (for example care home worker, foster career, teacher, police officer).
• A stranger.
Please could you subcategorise: -
• police took the lead in the investigation.
• passed to social services to be sole investigator.
• Joint investigation with social services.
• Did not investigate or pass on to social services.

2. As per Q1, How many new child abuse cases (sexual) (aged 12 and under) have been reported collectively to your police force, please can you tell me how many cases were referred to the CPS where the police took lead of investigation, and how many cases were referred to the CPS where police passed social services to solely lead the investigation. Please also state if the police worked alongside social services.

3. Within all the cases reported to police (as per Q1), how many criminal convictions or the case has gone to trial in a criminal court when police took the lead in the child abuse allegations, and how many criminal convictions or gone to trial in a criminal court when police passed sole lead to social services in the investigation.

4. How many cases have the police refused to investigate child abuse cases citing reasons such as to the effect “no funds due to cut backs”, or to the effect “police are not legally required to investigate child abuse”. Please go back 5 years on the question, supplying statistics for each year.

Yours faithfully,

S. Prichard

Freedom of Information Kent, Kent Police

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Dear Mr Prichard,




Thank you for your request received by Kent Police on 17^th April 2019. I
note you seek access, in summary, to information relating to:


Child sexual abuse cases


The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) provides that a public
authority respond to an FOI request within 20 working days. Please be
aware that as well as experiencing very high request volumes, Kent Police
is currently in the process of transitioning to a new crime recording
database. This means that whilst we will endeavour to complete your
request as soon as possible it is likely that a response may well be
delayed, particularly where crime data is sought.


Your interest in Kent Police is appreciated and pending a specific
response to your request, I enclose a sheet, which summarises your rights.
Should you have any further inquiries concerning this matter, please write
or contact us via the following telephone numbers 01622 652610 quoting the
reference number above.


Yours sincerely,


Lakeisha Dowsey-Magog

Public Disclosure Assistant

Information Security and Governance

Kent Police


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