child mental health statistics in Bristol

Miriam Cain-Allen made this Freedom of Information request to Bristol City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Bristol City Council did not have the information requested.

Miriam Cain-Allen

Dear Bristol City Council,

How many children and young people have poor mental health in Bristol?

How many children and young people were excluded in the last two years due to bad behavior?

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Cain-Allen

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

Thank you for your request for information. You should expect to receive a
response within the 20 day working limit.

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

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Dear Miriam Cain-Allen


We write in response to your requests for information received here on 20
January 2014. For your reference your requests are in bold below and our
response follows.


How many children and young people have poor mental health in Bristol?


BCC does not hold data on the incidence of poor mental health in the
general child population in Bristol. It is suggested that NHS Bristol
Clinical Commissioning Group may be the best source for this information.


The council has considered your request for information and on initial
investigation it appears that no information of the description you have
specified is held by this Council. For this reason, the Council is unable
to have the information communicated to you.


If, after receiving this response, you have reason to believe that the
information you require is held by the Council, then please respond
stating why you believe this to be the case and supply further information
that would assist the Council in identifying and locating information that
it does hold, and your request can be considered again.


How many children and young people were excluded in the last two years due
to bad behavior?

Exclusions are categorised by the Department for Education, and we must
report to their requirements. Thus, we do not specifically categorise
exclusions as requested. Attached is a file showing the breakdown of
exclusions by reason for last two years, separated by permanent and fixed
term. Using the DfE protocol for 11/12 data, as the 2012/13 data is not
yet published, we have estimates for 12/13. An ‘x’ is shown where the
total is under 5 pupils.


On behalf of
Freedom of Information Team

This response should answer your request in full, however if you are not
satisfied with this response or wish to lodge an appeal against any
exemptions that may have been applied, you can do so by writing to the
Data Protection Officer at Bristol City Council Legal Services, City Hall,
College Green, Bristol, or [2][Bristol City Council request email]. Details of the
complaints procedure can be found at


If, after you have exhausted the council’s complaints procedure, you are
still not satisfied with the response you have received you have the right
to complain to the Information Commissioner, details of your right to
complain can be found at [4]


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