Chief constable's retirement

Neil Wilby made this Freedom of Information request to Durham Constabulary

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Durham Constabulary,

It was announced, publicly, in November, 2016 that the Durham PCC had agreed a five year contract with the incumbent chief constable, Mike Barton (please see below weblink).

On Monday 11th March, 2019 the chief constable announced his retirement from the police service. Less than half way through that contract.

In an article recently published, and which has received wide attention, particularly within policing circles, the truth behind the sudden, unexpected announcement is sought. As set out in some detail, the reason advanced by Mr Barton: 'to spend more time in my greenhouse and with my grandchildren' is, in all the circumstanceson and on any independent view, scarcely credible.

Accordingly, please disclose the following information:

1. The date (in 2019) upon which the chief constable first discussed his retirement with the PCC and/or his chief executive.

2. All correspondence, meeting notes, briefing notes between the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), and/or his chief executive, and/or his personal assistant and Mr Barton, and/or his PA, and/or his staff officer, that relates either to Mr Barton's contract renewal in 2016, or his retirement in 2019.

3. Copies of any entries in the chief constable's day book or diary that relate to his retirement (in 2019), including meetings with the PCC or his senior management team.

4. A copy of the contract agreed between the PCC and the chief constable in 2016.

5. Details of the arrangements, if any, that have been entered into between the chief constable and the PCC regarding the compromise of the unfulfilled portion of the contract.

Yours faithfully,

Neil Wilby
Investigative journalist

Twitter: @Neil_Wilby

Freedom of Information, Durham Constabulary

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Dear Durham Constabulary,

Whilst this does not impact on the disclosure requested and your finalisation, for the benefit of fellow What Do They Know readers and users there is a correction necessary to the background narrative.

What was agreed in November, 2016, between the PCC and the chief constable appears to have been a three year extension to a pre-existing contract. The expiry date of the revised contract is February, 20121.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Wilby
Investigative journalist

Twitter: @Neil_Wilby

Freedom of Information, Durham Constabulary

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Durham Constabulary

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