Cheque book schools

Copeland Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Copeland Borough Council,

Please can you send me a list of all the secondary maintained cheque book schools in your region.

(The definition of a cheque book school; is a school that has direct access and control of its own bank account.)

Yours faithfully,

Miss. O'Hagan

Clifford Walker, Copeland Borough Council

Dear Miss O'Hagan,

Thank you for your request for information regarding Cheque book schools

I can advise that the information requested falls within the remit of Cumbria County Council and not Copeland Borough Council. The contact is [email address]

I hope this is the information you require, but do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to clarify anything further.

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Yours sincerely

Cliff Walker
Information Management Officer
Business Support
Copeland Borough Council

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