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Dear Charity Commission for England and Wales,

After reading your Charity Commission Annual Report and Accounts (CCARA) 2017-2018, per the Freedom of Information Act, please can I have the following information:

1. How many search warrants under sec 48 CA 2011 or other legislation have you applied for in the CCARA report period 2017-2018? (ie: 1/4/17 to 31/3/18).

2. How many search warrants have you executed in that same period per question 1?

3. Where can a digital or manual copy of the form CC21B be obtained please?

4. It is noted that the CC published transparency data on charity expenditures was published re Grenfell Towers. Is this transparency data available on the Charity Commissions website re other charities? And if yes, where?

5. Are charities required, within their annual returns per transparency expectations, to report their charity expenditures? And can you explain how it features or is broken down? (ie for eg: salaries, admin, property management).

6. Where can this information per Q5 be obtained? A research of CC beta website data does not reveal this detail.

7. How many frauds or other economic crimes were reported to the CC per the CCARA report period 2017-2018 (ie: 1/4/17 to 31/3/18) directly or in Annual reports? Is this measured? if not why not?

8. Please clarify if charity annual returns or other charity processes include how much £ tax return or benefit the charity has received through Gift Aid returns or tax advantages including business rate relief?

9. Re Q8 in the spirit of transparency and fraud prevention re public benefit and public monies gained: If yes- where is this available? If no- why is this not published on your website?

Yours faithfully,

M Martin

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Dear M Martin

Please find attached the our response to your information request dated 10
May 2017.

Yours sincerely

Katherine O'Hare

Information Rights and Complaints Manager

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