Dear Department of Health and Social Care,
We recently made a request for information regarding that you could not supply us:
1) The number of chaplains employed in the NHS both full and part-time each year between 2018-2023
2) the total cost to the NHS each year from 2018 to 2023 of the chaplaincy service
3) the break percentage down of denomination: i.e. CofE, presbyterian etc
4) Does the NHS fund an air ambulance service, if how much each year from 2018 to 2023

With this in mind could you

1) Supply the pay scales for Chaplain working in the NHS.
2) Nurses pay scales working in the NHS.
3) If there are any suggested establishment of chaplains i.e. recommendation for the accepted numbers of them to be employed per hospital or similar organization structure.
4) If there is a code of conduct for chaplains.
5) If there is a policy regarding the conduct or exemption for chaplains to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
6) Does the NHS conduct any reviews of the chaplaincy service considering the ethical implications to EDI.
7) it the Chaplaincy service evaluated for value of money or are their no checks and balances regarding, influence, numbers and service cost.
8) Does the NHS make any grants (general and capital) to the Church of England or other religious bodies i.e. for use of their buildings? If so do you have the cost for 2018-2023
9) It was indicated that in 2013 the cost of chaplaincy was in excel of £15 million with this in mind and good governance practices is the cost of this area something you 'formally' monitor and is there a policy regarding this?

Yours faithfully,

Nick Beech

Department of Health and Social Care

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Dear Nick Beech,

Please find attached the Department of Health and Social Care's response
to your FOI request (our ref: FOI-1506806).

Yours sincerely, 

Freedom of Information Team
Department of Health and Social Care

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