Changing places /new tennanceys

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Dear Greater Manchester Local Resilience Forum,

Story of interest,

Old dear degenerating lady living on her own
Church road .needed major looking after ,

had two leave 3 bedroom house to
make way
For ?
First choice homes, new family
Tennancey / church road shaw 3 bedroom

gardens on church road were
open plan to a house and 2 apartments

Middle garden was spliced two a quarter ,
After 13 years tennancey of bottom apartment ?
There was no informancey of change
It was not done under legal law of first choice homes ?

To this day church road area turned mess , area stinks / as never before in 13 years ?
Since neighbours moved in ?
Lot antisocial shouting and scuffling at night
Swearing banging windows ,

Children up till all hours in middle of night
Making loud noises ? They are Not babies
two much smoking bud / weed in party season
My opinion .

I needed to have my say ,

First choice homes were informed ,
As as tennants are first choice homes?

I assumed they were getting preferencial treatment?

Thanks for listening

Yours faithfully,

T goodhew