Challenging Council Tax Liability Orders

The request was refused by Judicial Office for England and Wales.

Dear Judicial Office for England and Wales,

I am currently undertaking research into why and how Persons become subected to the enormous powers granted to Local Authorities through the granting of a Liability Order for Council Tax by Magistrates.

Do you hold any information relevant to my research?

I am particularly interested in:-

1. The powers granted to Magistrates when hearing applications for Liability Orders.

A. Do they have power to consider a defence?
B. Can they list a hearing to set aside a Liability Order at the request of the Person the Liability Order was made against?
C. Are their hands tied by a list?
D. Can they Order costs against a Billing Authority.

2. When was the last time a Liability Order was refused by the Magistrates?
3. what percentage of applications for Liability Orders result in Liability Orders being made?
4. How many times has a person claimed they are not liable to pay Council Tax at a hearing by the Magistrates and won their case?
5. How many times have the Magistrates ordered costs against a billing authority?
6.what duty does the Court Clerk have when advising Magistrates
7. Where a Court Clerk/Magistrates persistently and consistently make Liability Orders in contradiction with the Rules, Guidelines and Laws that are in place in the interest of Justice and Fair Hearings, what potential penalty exists?
8. What are the forms of redress when a Court Clerk/Magistrates are negligent in the way they conduct hearings?
9. How many times has the High Court provided an opinion on the Stated Case of a Magistrate? Of those opinions, how many were in favour of the Billing Authority?
10. How many times have the Magistrates been Judicially Reviewed in relation to a Liability Order it has made? How many have resulted in a Costs Order against a Billing Authority.

I appreciate you will not hold all this information however please direct me to the websites or organisations where the requested information can be found/asked.

Yours faithfully,

Lady Fleming

legal.operations, Judicial Office for England and Wales

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Dear Lady Fleming,

Please see attached a response to your overlapping enquiries to the
Ministry of Justice,  Judicial Office and HM Courts Service relating to
council tax enforcements.

This response covers the following requests:

[FOI #549072 email];

[email address];

[email address];

[email address];

[1][email address]

[email address]

Cofion, Regards,

Siân Jones

Head of Legal and Professional Services | Legal Operations Team

Secretary, Justices’ Clerks’ Society

Courts and Tribunals Development Directorate | HMCTS | Law Courts, Bridge
Street | Peterborough, PE1 1AD

Web:  [2]

[3]Here is how HMCTS uses personal data about you.

[4]Dyma sut mae GLlTEM yn defnyddio data personol amdanoch chi.


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