CFS - clinical exercise assessments and objective outcomes at NHS clinics

Robin Ellis made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Benchmarking Network

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Dear NHS Benchmarking Network,

I am trying to obtain information on the effectiveness of current practices at NHS funded CFS clinics and appear to be being sent on a wild goose chase. I am wondering how to obtain the following information about CFS and/or in the alternative the treatment data kept.

I seek information on the changes in the physical health of CFS patients, as a result of attending the CFS, clinic between 2007-2017, including but not limited to each of the following parameters.

Physical functional capacity - objective changes
i) two day CPET test
ii) 6 minute walk test
iii) Up and go Test
iv) Oxygen uptake while walking
v) resting heart rate
vi) heart rate variability
vii) activity as per actigraph
viii) activity as per pedometer
ix) ataxia
x) daily temperature

Physical functional capacity - subjective changes
i) return to school/work part-time
ii) return to school/work full-time
ii) change in hobbies/sports

Physiological changes
i)anaerobic threshold
ii) chrontropic incompetence
ii) diabetes insipidus
iv) orthostatic intolerance

Yours faithfully,

Robin Ellis