Cessation of Core Funding Grant: Citizens Advice North Lincolnshire, WEF 31 March 2018

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Julian Corlett

Dear North Lincolnshire Council,
I should be obliged for copies of any meeting records, including committee or sub-group meetings at which the matter of the Core Funding Grant to Citizens Advice Bureau North Lincolnshire (CANL) was (a) discussed, and - (b) the decision to cease core funding taken.

Further, I should like a copy of a risk impact assessment, and a cost-analysis, including a consideration of financial ramifications that could arise as a consequence of the funding removal.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,
Julian Corlett

InfoRequest, North Lincolnshire Council

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[Subject only] Fw: Notification of submission - Freedom of Information request form - (INF75134651)

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Sam Bilton,

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Freedom of Information Request
URN: 75134651
Date Received: 9 May 2018


Thank you for your request, in which you asked for information on the
cessation of core funding grant, Citizens Advice Bureau North Lincolnshire
with effect from 31 March 2018.


Attached are copies of meeting records at which the matter of the Core
Funding Grant to Citizens Advice Bureau North Lincolnshire (CANL) was
discussed and the decision to cease core funding taken.


Please note that the supply of documents under Freedom of Information does
not give the person or organisation who receives them an automatic right
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Council for a licence.  The terms of this license may be found at
the internet.  An application for a licence must be made in writing (which
includes email) and provide the following information:

o your name and address
o a statement of which documents you wish to re-use
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If you have any complaints in respect of your information request, please
let me know and I will refer the matter to the council's complaints
procedure. Alternatively, you can email [2][email address]. If your
complaint is not resolved to your complete satisfaction, you have the
right to apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision.


Should you have any queries regarding the information provided, please do
not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Sam Bilton
Freedom of Information Coordinator
Human Resources
North Lincolnshire Council

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