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Jay Rouf made this Freedom of Information request to British Transport Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

British Transport Police did not have the information requested.

Dear British Transport Police,

Under the freedom of Information Act – I was hoping to obtain the following information:
Name(s) of person telephone number and email address of person responsible for managing CCTV and the Data. Who is responsible for purchasing CCTV and Data Storage of CCTV.
I also seek answers to the following questions:
How many cameras do you manage today? Is that growing?
How do you store and manage your video today? (Network Video Recorders? Enterprise Storage?)
Has your company ever lost video, or experienced poor-quality playback of video files?
How critical is video to your company? What is the impact of not being able to access video or record video?
When was the last time you refreshed your surveillance storage hardware?
Do you have an upgrade/refresh date? If so when?
What is your budget for the refresh?

Yours faithfully,

Jay Rouf

Freedom of information, British Transport Police

Mr Rouf,


Freedom of Information request ref: 594-18


Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘the


Your request was received on Thursday 3^rd May 2018 and will be processed
in accordance with the Act.


Please quote the above reference number on any correspondence.


Yours sincerely,


Katie Hulland

Information Governance Officer /Swyddog Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth

Information Management Unit / Uned Rheoli Gwybodaeth

Capability and Resources / Gallu ac Adnoddau

British Transport Police, 3 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT

Heddlu Trafnidiaeth Prydeinig, 3 Sgŵar Callaghan, Caerdydd, CF10 5BT

DX 153042 Cardiff 36

Office / ffôn swyddfa 02920 525 338

Internal / ffôn mewnol 5525338

Email / e-bost [1][email address]




Unless otherwise stated above, this e-mail is considered ‘OFFICIAL’

Oni nodir fel arall uchod, mae’r e-bost yma i’w gael ei ystyried ‘SWYDDOGOL’


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Freedom of information, British Transport Police

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Dear Mr Rouf,


Thank you for your Freedom of Information Request, our reference 594-18.


Please find attached our response.


Yours sincerely,


Simon Fuller

Information Governance Manager

Information Management / Uned Rheoli Gwybodaeth

Capability and Resources/Gallu ac Adnoddau

British Transport Police / Heddlu Trafnidiaeth Prydeinig

Telephone/ffôn swyddfa: 02920 525356

Mobile/Symudol: 07825 016547

Email/Ebost: [1][email address

Mail / Bost: British Transport Police, Information Management, 2nd Floor,
 3 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT /

Heddlu Trafnidiaeth Prydeinig, 3 Sgŵar Callaghan, Caerdydd CF10 5BT

Internal Post / Bost Mewnol: DX 153042 Cardiff 36



Unless otherwise stated above this e mail is considered â OFFICIALâ


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