CCTV footage of me being assaulted in my car

Thomas made this Freedom of Information request to Transport for London

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Transport for London did not have the information requested.

Dear Transport for London,

On Friday 5th September 2014 between 17:29 and 17:33 A man on a scooter type motorbike approached my drivers window on the yellow box on the junction of chelsea embankment (A3212) and albert bridge (A3031) on to oakley street(B304).

He spat in my face covering me, after he had caused me to swerve previously nearly on to the pavement.

There was a big white traffic camera pointing directly at the incident.Is there any footage of the incident? If so please provide me with it. Also any footage from a camera pointing at rear of the motorbike as I did not catch the license plate.

He turned right onto A3212 and I parked on B304 to call Police who fobbed me off to which I have already made a complaint. So I am on my own to investigate!

I was driving a silver MG ZR 2005 model.

Incident is easy to spot if recorded as we were stopped right in the big yellow box and he caused all traffic to stop there.

Yours faithfully,
Thomas Parker

Transport for London

Our ref: TFL139517/ME

Thomas Parker
[FOI #228459 email]

15 September 2014

Dear Mr Parker,

RE: Subject Access Request (SAR):

I write in relation to your recently submitted Subject Access Request (SAR).

Unfortunately, whilst the road in question is part of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), our Road Network Compliance team were not monitoring the cameras at that site at the time of the incident. As such, I am, unfortunately, unable to assist you further. I would recommend contacting the local Borough Council who may have cameras in that area.

TFLs CCTV cameras are not constantly recording. A recording is only made when a CCTV operative from the Road Network Compliance (RNC) team is present and identifies a road traffic contravention such as a parking, moving or bus lane offence.

Thank you for contacting Transport for London.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Evans
Correspondence Investigation Officer
Road User Charging
Transport for London

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