cctv footage by 151 Marylebone Road London going out from city

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Transport for London should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Transport for London,

Applicant Name: Muhammad Iqbal
My Vehicle Reg: RJ10NVN

Third party Name: LONDON 20531 CAB DRIVER
Third party Vehicle: LG13KUT
Date of accident: 17/07/2019 Time: 12:45 to 13:00
Vehicles involved in accident were RJ10NVN & LG13KUT
I,MR MUHAMMAD IQBAL who was involved in an accident on the above date. As a result of this accident my vehicle was damaged .
I found that there was a camera installed on the accident location i.e At 151 MARYLEBONE ROAD NW1 BY THE JUNCTION OF WYNHAM STREET GOING OUTWARD FROM CITY. The incident happened when I was stationary in a traffic queue. The third party driver tried to pass through on Bus lane, suddenly kept his vehicle toward right and hit my vehicle on left front wing. I understand that CCTV images would be very helpful evidence to establish defendant's negligence. Therefore I would request you to send us CCTV images of the accident that occurred on above date and time. .
I confirm that the images are not to be used in connection with any claim against you or your Business.
This request is made under the GRPR Data Protection Act 2018.
I understand that I am applying for the images well within time i.e with in one calendar month from the date of accident
Yours faithfully,
Muhammad Iqbal

CC Correspondence, Transport for London

Our ref: TFL185901/ME


13 August 2019


Dear Mr Iqbal


Re: Subject Access Request (SAR) CCTV Footage request


I write in relation to your recently submitted request for CCTV footage.

Unfortunately, whilst the road in question is part of the Transport for
London Road Network (TLRN), our Road Network Compliance team have no
relevant footage from any cameras during the given timeframe at that
site. As such, I am, unfortunately, unable to assist you further. It may
be worth contacting the relevant local Borough Council as they have
cameras in that area.

Our CCTV cameras are not constantly recording. A recording is only made
when a CCTV operative from the Road Network Compliance (RNC) team is
present and identifies a road traffic contravention such as a parking,
moving or bus lane offence.

Thank you for contacting us.


Yours sincerely



Matthew Evans

Correspondence Investigation Officer

Licensing, Regulation and Charging

Transport for London


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