CBD Legality

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Tyrone Armatage

Dear Home Office,

In a statement made in Judicial Review Proceedings in the High Court, Amber Rudd (then home secretary) stated the following:

“In the first instance [I note] that CBD falls within the definition of ‘cannabinol derivatives’ under Part IV of Schedule 2 of the MDA 1971”

Current Home Secretary Sajid Javid has also recently acknowledged CBD is illegal and requires licencing.

1: ‘cannabinol derivatives’ are listed as a Class B drug under the Part II Schedule 2, so I'm struggling to understand why so many are claiming it is legal and selling it in shops like Holland and Barrett, Boots the Chemist and tens of thousands of health food stores etc when the Home Secretary clearly thinks it is not!! And if he does believe that why is he not doing anything about it?

2: Is CBD currently illegal to sell, purchase and possess in the UK, Yes or No?

3: If CBD isnt illegal than why our our government ministers lying by stating that it is?

Seriously, people are sick and tired with the current cannabis fiasco. Sort it out!

Yours faithfully,

Tyrone Armatage

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Dear Public Enquiries (CD),

Utter rubbish

Yours sincerely,

Tyrone Armatage

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