Cause: 02-17138-CV Interest of child, Matthew Speed (MLS used in Temp custody papers)

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Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service,

I have an concern regarding the modification done by my ex-husband September 2015.

My 9 year old son, Matt Speed has lived with me all his life. We lived in Arkansas at the time of our divorce in 2008 which I had non-contested custody of Matt Speed which is now 9 years old. He attended school at Glenn Duffy Elementary ( 479-787-4120) in the 2014 -2015 school year located in Gravette, Arkansas which is the "Home State" of the child. My Aunt, Lisa Bumstead in Arkansas drove half way to bring Matt to Bill for his June 2015 summer visitation for him to tell me soon after he is filling for custody and child support from me. I was upset and could not understand how this is happening. I was unable to drive from Arkansas to Texas to pickup my son from summer visitation for all the confusion. The divorce papers required Bill Speed to return Matt to his residence 42 days after June 5. Bill Speed would not return my calls but to have Bill's wife, Brandy (254-379-2095) cuss and be rude to me and my family members. Brandy does all the talking regarding Matt which is not peaceful. I just want to make arrangements to return Matt to Arkansas and to let me speak to my son to see if he was OK. I was refused every time I called through November 2015.

I was served 10/19/15 to appear on 10/28/15 in Corsicana, Texas. I requested more time but was denied. Bill Speed (254-292-9072) had filed for temporary custody during the 2015 visitation as if Matt Speed lived in Texas for 6 months to be a resident of Texas. At the end of August 2015 I rode a bus to Texas. I have tried repeatedly to make arrangements to see my son 3 hours away without prevail.

Brandy did allow me to speak with Matt in November 2015 not much was said he was so upset. I miss my son very much and feel this against the law to pull him from his mother and break the law in doing so by stating Matt Speed was a resident of Texas when he was visiting the summer. I have requested copies of 2014/2015 report cards.

In the falsified custody documents Bill Speed states Matt Speed was a resident of Waco, Texas for 6 months. In fact Matt was on his summer visitation with his Dad, Bill beginning on June 5.2016. Bill filed for temporary custody of Matt in September 2015 in Texas . Matt was a resident of Arkansas and should have been returned in 42 days. Matt went to school in Arkansas the 2014 to 2015 school year. Bill should have filed in Arkansas which is the child's "Home State" for custody instead Texas. I had 10 days from papers served date to court date to get an attorney and answer the plea in Mccleen Texas

I faxed a letter to the Judge asking for the dismissal of October 2015 temporary custody order granted to Bill Speed because he deliberately provided false information to gain in custody of Matt Speed who actually resided in Arkansas. Matt was on Summer visitation with Bill in Texas and he did not work with me on returning Matt.

I requested to Judge to have Bill Speed return my Son, Matthew Speed to my residence with his belongings to 12019 Thoroughbred Drive,
Conroe, Texas 77304
936 756 1772 or 936 727 8128
I hope and pray you consider my request.


Tamera Grace Speed

Update after Dec 26 2015 4 hour visit.

Parental Alienation Syndrome by telling Matt that his is mother was to come visit but communicated inaccurate information discrediting me, Tamera Speed in my son's sight. After days of ugly communication with Brandy trying to see Matt, I was told on December 24 Tamera could see him from 1 to 5 pm on December 26, 2015 at the Waco Mall. I live in Conroe, Texas.. I called attempting to get address which was 3 hours in Waco. Brandy tells me she texted me to be there at 10 am on a know non-working number. Brandy told Matt I was late without ever confirming the time with me. All Bill/Brandy could have done was to call me with the changes on the same phone number the first arrangements were made.

Bill and Brandy Speed have belittled me saying I am not a fit mother to me every time I communicate with them. Brandy cusses me infront of Matt after the 4 hour visitation on December 26. Why would I not think they are sharing this behavior with my son, Matt?

Passed Domestic violence and child abuse against Bill Speed in 2008.

I can be reached at [email address], 936-756-1772 or 936-727-8128.

Yours faithfully,

Tamera Speed

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