Catchemtn areas of primary and secondary schools

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Can you please provide me with most up to date details of the effective catchment areas of all the primary and secondary schools in your local authority area?

By catchment area, I mean the greatest distance that any pupil was living from the school they were admitted to at the point of their application. To be clear, I am only interested in the catchment area for pupils admitted on geographical criteria alone, not those admitted on other grounds eg because they had siblings at the school, was in foster care or had special needs.

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Brighton and Hove City Council

Secondary school catchment areas can be found . For primary schools we do not have catchment areas and we publish details of the furthest child to be offered places in recent years here (and junior schools here). Please note that this information applies only to community schools and those academies which share Brighton & Hove’s admission priorities. For information regarding schools which are their own admission authority, please contact the schools direct. Community infant, junior and primary schools which do not feature on the spreadsheet have been able to admit all applicants in all the years covered and so the distance of the furthest child to be allocated a place is not calculated.

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