Case of James Green sex offender

Currently waiting for a response from Attorney General's Office, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Attorney General's Office,
My name is David jolly and I am contacting you to tell you that I have been put in prison by matt spring detective with the met police who ignored my warnings regarding the green family, its in fact a network of pedophiles headed by shaun ames and Shiralee clements. Clements is the mother of James Green who has had his sentence increased at the court of appeal. In fact James is the eldest of 5 brothers, in order, James, Andrew, Daniel, Thomas and Harry. The mother is some what emotionally detached, she hands her sons off to gay men who have money, in fact, she pimps out her own sons. I tried to get the entire thing stopped 4 years ago but the police and probation service was more interested in putting me in jail for 2 years after I was found not guilty. But I was under a racist probation officer called rekha sharmer who exploited my licence type and played a spiteful mentally abusive game with my life. Since then I have to say I will never trust in authorities again, I was proved right at every turn. I am on the run for my life because the police are trying to kill me off with covid19. They came to my mother's house looking for me with 4 days left of my parole. Clearly I was being stitched up again so I ran out of the UK in September. I live on beaches and I go from island to island and that's the way it stays from now on until I die. I have to say that I will never trust the authorities in the UK again. Found not guilty on all charges that was not sexually themed. Yet kept in prison for 2 years. I tried to put a stop to what was going on, they put me in jail.
The fact is that James Green carried out this act on this child of 5 years old because of the relationship his mother has with the authorities. Attorney General, it's still going on. This 5 year old is just one of many who have been sexually abused and there is more from before and until the police properly act it will continue, my main reason for my leaving the UK is I have lost faith in the judicial system entirely, when someone is found not guilty on all charges they should be released, not kept in by a spiteful probation officer who used the same evidence I was found not guilty of to keep me in jail. That was her little game. Once I was released I was shown a video footage of 2 police officers and on a separate accasion a prosecutor having sex with boys under 16. I don't have the footage, if I did I would of posted all over social media. No cover up, no protection. Full exposure. In the footage one of the people there had the warrant card of the police officer up to the camera and the officer was having sex with a young boy. They will be using it to blackmail the police at a later date. Get out of jail free card. I put nothing past the police anymore. I will never engage with the authorities in the UK again. When the police would sooner come after me for a blatent stitch up and ignored the fact that a pedophile network is in full swing yet they allow it to go on just to keep me in jail tells me it's pointless to even speak to a police officer again.
Bottom line, had the police put a stop to the blatent pedophile network 4 years ago James Green would not of thought he could get away with what he did to that child. That poor child has her life destroyed because the police refused to listen, police in fact facilitated it whilst they had me in prison on a blatent stitch up case that I was found not guilty of inside of 30 minutes by the jury after a 6 day trial. I know to much. I have seen to much. They want to kill me to cover up what they have done and what they are doing. So, I am in the canary Islands. I am alone. I have no contact with my family, I have no contact with my friends, I have no money to live on, I have no job and no place to stay. I have no bank account. I have to take medication for the heart condition I have from the 2 years jail time I served. But I am free. I will never be back in the UK again. Not if I can help it. My email address is [email address]
My date of birth is 15 7 71.

Yours faithfully,
David jolly.