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mark davis made this Freedom of Information request to Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

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Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service,

Case Number BM12P08962 joined with BM12P08975 at the Birmingham Family County Court

1)On 10/07/13 Cafcass Officer Jenny Walton was due to attend a final hearing in the county court in Birmingham as ordered on 27/07/13 by the Judge.

2) On 10/07/13 Ms Walton Failed to Attend court and was in contempt of court.

3) On 10/07/13 Service Manager Ms Sally Stephens told the Judge that the case had been closed? who was responsible for closing the case when the court made no such order that the case was over with or that cafcass where dismissed, who wrote on the order of 27/02/13 Case Closed, the order we have sight off that would be on record?

4)On 26/09/12 Cafcass received an order from the court and it had my case number on Case Number BM12P08975 the order we have shows this case number was crossed out and in pen added was Case Number BM12P08962 why did some one at Cafcass cross out my case number and replace it with the case number of the mother?

5)On 04/09/12 My Solicitors filed to the court a C100 and a C2 Application form and an attached statement, this data does not seem to of been shared with any officer who was involved in this case who would of prepared a Schedule 2 letter under Mr Sean McCann and then a Section 7 report was ordered by the court and this was completed by Ms Jenny Walton.

6)Ms Walton and Mr McCann and later Ms Williams of Cafcass all filled by birthday as 05/05/70 when my birthday was 16/05/70 which was the birth date provided by mother in her application forms this and the police checks made within the schedule 2 letter which was to be completed 3 days prior to the hearing on 26/09/12 it arrived late on the day of 26/09/12 placing Mr McCann in contempt of court, which showed my incorrect DOB, this shows that no checks where carried with the police as reported and that my statement dated 04/09/12 was not shared with these officers who made recommendations to the court, who is responsible for making sure forms and statements are passed on to officers who are making reports is this the Job of the Service Manager who in this case was Ms Sally Stephens?

7)Who is responsible for making sure safe guarding checks are completed if requested from other agency's and police or other local authorities is this the job of the Service Manager? and that checks are all competed as directed and ordered by the court and notifying the court if they are not done?

8)In September 2013 Ms Sally Stephens removed her self from my case and this case was passed to Ms Nicola Campbell why was this change carried out? why was did Ms Stephens remove her self from the case once requesting data from the local authority in August 2013 and receiving data from my solicitors in July 2012?

9)No party had yet complained about any work Cafcass has carried out only my self making it clear i wanted to Question Ms Walton in Court this was why the order of 27/02/13 stated Ms Walton was ordered to attend on 10/07/13.

10) We were told that on 10/07/13 that Ms Walton had been off long term sick and i was later told this was from April 2013, who is responsible for telling the court and the parties that Ms Walton is no longer working and that the parties and court should be made aware is this the job of the Service Manager?

11) In July 2013 the court ordered the new Cafcass officer to Attend court on 25/10/13 and as Ms Walton was off sick a new officer was appointed, on 25/10/13 the New Officer Ms Valerie Williams failed to attend court and was in contempt of court , the court again was told Ms Williams was off sick long term but the new appointed Service Manager also failed to share this in advance with the court, is this not the job of the service Manager again to share such data with the court and named parties so to save costs and expenses if the final hearing can not go ahead?

12) Are Cafcass responsible for arranging the separated parent information classes or is this the court ? in my case twice forms were sent to the court and no course ever commenced who job is to notify the court as the court asked to be told if the parents do not attend? is this the job of the service manager?

13) On 03/02/14 The court were told there where 3 officers at court Ms Jenny Walton, Ms Valerie Williams and Mr Simon Powell this was on the order of 03/02/14 but on the evidence from cafcass sent to me in 2015 it is clear that Ms Walton did not attend court but Ms Nicola Campbell the service Manager attended the court but was not invited to do so? why would a service manager attend court if not invited to do so?

14) In my case files there is no data saved from Ms Walton or Ms Sally Stephens why were involved from September 2012 until September 2013 these 2 officers failed to save any data on my file? would this be under mother case number then? as there is no evidence of any calls shared with my solicitors or any meeting i had in person with Ms Walton in November 2012? or the phone calls shared in 2012 with solicitors or with Ms Sally Stephens in July 2013 with my solicitors? who would be responsible for this being missing the service Manager?

Yours faithfully,

Mark Davis

Governance - Cafcass, Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

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Dear Mr Davis


Thank you for your email.


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request.


Kind regards,


Governance Team | Cafcass

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