Career Outcomes for Sociology Degree Holders

Currently waiting for a response from University of Cambridge, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear University of Cambridge,

This is an FOI request concerning employment data you may collect regarding your sociology / social sciences programmes' alumni.

Please provide (if available):

1. A complete list of all degree programmes you provide that fall within the discipline of sociology / social sciences. If this request is too vague, or if your institution does not classify degrees in this way, please instead provide a list of all degree programmes you provide that reference either "sociology" or "social science" in their titles.

2. A list breaking down the career outcomes for the last 3 graduating classes of each degree programme from request 1, specifically noting the positions and industries the students entered after graduating. Please separate this information according to whether they found employment in the United Kingdom, the United States, the People's Republic of China, or "other." For students who reported changing employment, please just refer to their 1st position, industry, and country of employment.

Regarding request 2 for a breakdown of career outcomes for each degree programme in request 1, please provide a complete (and anonymous) list of all students for each of the last 3 graduating classes (separated by country of employment), noting each individual's 1st position & industry. If this is not feasible, please instead provide statistics on the industries and positions the students entered (e.g. of the 100 students from our MSc Sociology who found employment in the United Kingdom, 20% entered the finance industry; 15% found positions as researchers).

Please provide all information in Excel, if possible.

Yours faithfully,

Edgar Wu

FOI, University of Cambridge

This is to acknowledge receipt of your request for information. Your reference number is given in the subject line of this email. We will respond on or before 22 June 2020.


Freedom of Information Office
University of Cambridge
Registrary's Office, The Old Schools
Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TN
E: [email address]

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