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Alex Hansen made this Freedom of Information request to Southend on Sea Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Southend-on-Sea Borough Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I wish to ask you the following questions. All questions are related to people with disabilities, learning disabilities, autism and/or acquired brain injuries - adults only. Furthermore, all questions relate to provision of domiciliary and residential care without nursing.

1. How many adults with learning disabilities living residential care want to leave residential care?
2. How many adults with disabilities does the Council support out of county?
3. Who is/are the commissioner(s) for this group of people and what are their contact details?
4. Does the Council operate with Frameworks or individual tenders per service for care of individuals? If Frameworks, when will the next framework entrance open for provision of domiciliary and/or residential care?
5. Do you have a list of providers commissioned to deliver support and who is on that list?
6. Where can I find official and published reports about the strategic planning, short and long-term goal of the council? This is in order to better understand how the Council intends to position itself on a 3-10 year basis.
7. Who are your Direct Payment broker(s) and what are their contact details?
8. What Existing Provider Forums does the Council use to communicate with providers?
9. What are your current gaps in your service provision that you are unable to fill?

Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Hansen

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Dear Alex Hansen,


Thank you for your request received on 5^th September for information
under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Your request should receive a
reply by 2^nd October.


If you have any queries please get in touch quoting the FOI reference
number FOI 06221.


Kind regards,

Daniel Howard



Daniel Howard – Corporate Freedom of Information Team – Southend-on-Sea
Borough Council

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FOI Response, Southend on Sea Borough Council

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Please find attached our response to the FOI you requested on 05^th
September 2017.


Kind Regards,

Business Support – Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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Council |Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue SS2 6ER




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