Carbon literacy training for senior councillors and staff

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Climate Emergency UK

Dear North Norfolk District Council,

Please treat this as a Freedom of Information/Environmental Information Regulations request.

I would like information about your council’s carbon literacy training in relation to climate action for the Council Climate Action Scorecards. This information may be held by the HR department or other departments that organise staff training.

In particular, please supply me with information relating to the following questions:

a. Have all senior management received carbon literacy training or equivalent since 1st January 2019? Please state the type of training.

b. Have all current councillors in the cabinet or committee chairs received carbon literacy training or equivalent since being elected? Please state the type of training.

This training could be from the Carbon Literacy Organisation or another organisation, university or in-house. We want to know the number of people who have attended the training. We don’t need to know the number of staff that have received a certificate of completion or attendance.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours faithfully,
Hannah Jewell, Climate Emergency UK

freedom of information, North Norfolk District Council


Thank you for your enquiry regarding Freedom of Information.  This
response has been automatically generated to acknowledge receipt of your

Your request is being considered and in line with the timescales laid down
by the legislation we will respond to your enquiry no later than 20
working days from receipt. 

Alternative contact details are as follows:- 


North Norfolk District Council 

Council Offices 

Holt Road 



NR27 9EN 

tel: 01263 516207 


Further information can be found on the council’s website:   



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Nigel Stannett, North Norfolk District Council



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Many thanks,


Nigel Stannett


Climate Change Project Officer

North Norfolk District Council



Nigel​ Stannett
Climate Change Project Officer
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