Dear North Somerset Council,

Illegal car clocking/ vehicle mileage adjustment is in the news at the moment as such could you answer the following questions.

1) How many cases of car clocking has your council investigated in the last 5 years?

2) Of those cases, how many were dealt with by prosecuting the suspected offenders?

3) How many of those prosecutions were successful?

4) In total, how many vehicles were involved in the successfully prosecuted cases?

5) What is your council’s policy for alerting innocent members of the public and motor trade
to vehicles the council has successfully proven have been "clocked"?

6) Can you provide confirmation in respect of question 5 of the type of action you have taken to warn people about the vehicles you have discovered to have been clocked?
For example, publishing ‎vehicle details, alerting Auto Trader or other specialist publications; registering data with HPI and other mileage data services.

7) Has the council or trading standards department seized any "clocked" vehicles ‎over the past five years and subsequently destroyed them?

Yours faithfully,


North Somerset Council

Information request
Our reference: 1570396


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Dear Mr Robson
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Thank you for your request regarding 'Car clocking', made under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
Your request has been allocated reference 1570396 and we will respond by
the 20th working day, which is on 9 October 2017.  Please quote this
reference in any correspondence with us relating to this matter.
Yours sincerely
Christine Coomber
Directorate Governance Co-ordinator
North Somerset Council
Tel: 01934 888 829
Email: [email address]
Web: [1]


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North Somerset Council

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Information request
Our reference: 1570396


Dear Mr Robson
Thank you for your request for information received on 11 September 2017.
Please find attached our response to your request.
Yours sincerely
Victoria Watkins
North Somerset Council
Email: [email address]
Web: [1]

In line with the Freedom of Information Act (2000) and the Freedom of
Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations
2004, the Council reserves the right to charge for disbursements, such as
photocopying and postage. However, on this occasion no fee will be

Please note that the Freedom of Information Act only provides you with a
right of access to recorded information. Any information subject to
copyright will continue to be protected by the Copyright Designs and
Patents Act (1998). This includes information which is copyright of the
council. Disclosure of any information by the council to you does not
provide you with any rights to use or distribute the information in breach
of any copyright.

North Somerset Council now considers that it has complied with your
request. However, you have a right to appeal if you are dissatisfied with
our response. Requests for an internal review must be made in writing
within 40 calendar days of the response being issued to the requester.
When requesting an internal review, please include your reference number,
the date of your original request and your contact details. Please also
include an explanation of why you are dissatisfied with our response.
Requests for an internal review should be sent to:

Information Governance Team
North Somerset Council
Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ

or emailed to [2][North Somerset Council request email]

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our internal review you can
then contact the information commissioner’s office:

telephone: 0303 123 1113
email: [3][email address]
address: Information Commissioner’s Office
 Wycliffe House
 Water Lane
 SK9 5AF

NOTE: Please do not edit the subject line when replying to this email.


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