Car allowance

Aaron made this Freedom of Information request to Land and Property Services (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Land and Property Services (Northern Ireland),

Recently, with the resignation of the Chief Executive of Northern Ireland Water, details emerged of his salary and benefits.

In the package was a yearly "car allowance" reported to be in the region of £15,000 per year.

I wish for your Department to furnish me with information relating to any employees, contractors, Directors etc that are paid paid a car allowance as part of their contract of employment, terms and conditions and the like.

I wish to know how many employees receive the payment

I wish to know the grade of employees

I wish to know the amount they receive and how often

I wish to know how the Department justifies the payment

when we are being encouraged to car share and use public

transport by the NI Executive frequently.

Please note i do not wish to receive any personal details

about any employees that may identify them and exempt my

request, i just want facts and figures.

Yours faithfully,