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Cannabis arrest NYE and very serious consequences

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Dear Staffordshire Police,
PREAMBLE. I note a tweet from Staffs Police Road Policing unit, dated 31st December 2019, regarding a young man who will have his life ruined after being arrested for failing a drug test of some kind.QUOTE "This 18 year old male driver only passed his test 4 months ago... Tonight he went out for a “smoke” to welcome in 2020...He is now under arrest after testing positive for cannabis & spending New Year’s Eve with us". This tweet is accompanied by a photo of the `offender`, a smartly dressed young white boy with short hair, doing his walk of shame to the cells for his depressing solitary confinement overnight.
I note that the current Leader of the Liberal Democrats, 21 Nov 2019, Jo Swinson has admitted she smoked cannabis at university — and she “enjoyed it”. The Liberal Democrat leader revealed her experiences as she called for a “sensible approach” to drugs policy.I note that a previous Labour party Home Secretary,Jacqui Smith( ironically in charge of policing), also admitted using cannabis at University (apart from her other bad habits), and police officer Kirk Van Niekerk was dismissed for smoking cannabis whilst on duty but avoided a court appearance ,or a criminal record, or even a ban from driving. Amazing but true !
The police and politicians have never been held in such low regard regarding honesty and integrity and their obvious enjoyment of intimidating people using their `authority`originating from the Queen, whose family, sadly, are also held in low regard.
The tweet under question is lacking detail and, without further explanation, it gives the impression that Staffordshire police are excessively hostile to young people.I note that Chief Constable Dave Thompson,of West Midlands Police, has basically said, in April 2019, that it is stupid and wrong to heavily penalise minor use of drugs, but obviously Staffordshire police think otherwise and use no discretion.
The tweet in question does not mention how the young man was `caught`or what was the sum total of his criminal offences and, as the tweeting was meant to be some form of humiliation and public warning, why it did not mention the VERY severe life changing consequences of what he thought was trivial relaxation and widely accepted elsewhere.

FOI Q1.Was the young white boy(YWB) selected for testing on the basis of erratic driving or as a result of a random stop as part of Operation Lightning Drink or Drive on New Years Eve?
FOI Q2.Was the YWB`s vehicle taxed and insured correctly or noncompliant with the law in any way?Was the YWB allowed to leave his car where it was parked, or was it taken to a compound and subject to a recovery charge and, if so, what was the quantum?
FOI Q3.What equipment (named in detail)was used to complete the various roadside tests( drugs/alcohol) and what equipment was used to provide an evidential secondary check at the police station?
FOI Q4.Who performed the drugs tests(police officer or specials)and were they specifically reauthorised for this purpose by Temporary Chief Constable Nick Baker to allow for the 4 month absence of the seconded Chief Constable Gareth Morgan seconded to the College of policing? How was the reauthorisation effected?
FOI Q5.Staffordshire`s Operation Drink or Drive (ODD)was launched to cover the period Monday 9th December 2019 until New Year`s Day.Please confirm how many motorists were arrested under ODD on a daily basis for each day of ODD period, what were the reasons for the arrests(alcohol/drugs(by name)/other),how many motorists in total were actually tested on the corresponding days.It would be helpful if you could provide the ages / sexes of the arrested motorists to allow a motorist profile.
FOI Q6.It was announced on December 21st that cc Morgan would temporarily cease responsibility for Staffordshire, what was the official date that Nick Baker took responsibility, did Mr Baker have to sign any document of acceptance or follow any legal procedure, and how was the Police and Crime Commissioner involved?

End of FOI questions.
I realise that the results of ODD will take a few days to collate, to present to the new chief, but it is in the public interest to to demonstrate the effectiveness and validity of the operation.The average person does not realise that the young drivers life is ruined for a simple mistake, a mandatory 12 month ban if proven guilty,a criminal record affecting his career and travels, a compulsory new driving test, a massive increase of his insurance to astronomical levels, and a 11 year endorsement record on his license.The guy`s life is destroyed by Staffordshire police`s intransigence and target chasing,and I wish to know the background because, sadly, the police appear to be losing supporters due to their modus operandi and imperious attitude.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Dennis Fallon(BScHons)

Staffordshire Police

Thank you for your FOI request, you will receive a response in due course.
Freedom of Information
Central Disclosure Unit
Staffordshire Police

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Dear Staffordshire Police,
Thank you for confirming that you will respond to my request in the statutory way
The request has been posted on a public website for the purposes of educating the public on the current serious consequencs of using cannabis in the U.K which many people consider a bit of fun but the po-faced magistrates are obliged to dish out draconian eye watering penalties.
I wish for a response to all aspects and if you consider anything to be protected personal data of a named individual please provide a generic response to comply and if you consider anything to be a question outside of the scope of FOI please treat it as an opportunity to provide information to educate the public.
It really annoys requesters to see a long stream of excuses dredged up to avoid answering any questions of concern, and to be helpful in finding the tweet I provide a link to it displayed in the media.


Yours faithfully,

Dennis Fallon (BScHons)

Freedom of Information, Staffordshire Police

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Dear Mr Fallon,


Please see the attached response to your Freedom of Information request.




Freedom of Information

Central Disclosure Unit

Staffordshire Police HQ

P.O. Box 3167


ST16 9JZ

E: [2][Staffordshire Police request email]





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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are dennis fallon please sign in and let everyone know.