Dear Leicestershire County Council,

This request follows on from FOI 000206
Thank you for your response to FOI 000206, but there a few points arising perhaps you could clarify through this new request:
1) By when will the schools with zig-zags but no signage have the necessary signage implemented?
2) What data are you collecting/collating? E.g. dates, times, locations, number of warning notices/PCNs raised etc?
3) Where can I find the information that was used to cost-justify the investment in the project?
4) What information will be used to judge if the project has been successful and when will this assessment take place?
5) What was the initial set-up cost and what are the estimated annual running costs thereafter?
6) On average the car has visited only one school per day and presumably only drop-off and pick-up times are relevant. What does the car do for the rest of the day - i.e. what does a typical day's work entail start to finish?

Yours faithfully,

David Alfred,

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