Cambridge City Council's Arboricultural Strategy

Cambridge City Council did not have the information requested.

Richard Taylor

Could you please release a copy of, or link to, Cambridge City Council's current Arboricultural Strategy. This document has often been referred to recently in council papers (1) and by councillors (2).

I would like to suggest the policy, if it exists, ought be published on the city councils website and linked from the council's policies page (3), and the historic buildings & trees pages (4).

In the event that there is no current document could you please release:

i/ The 2000-2007 Arboricultural Strategy

ii/ Amendments made to the 2000-2007 Arboricultural Strategy since 2000

iii/ Details of any formal decision made to extend the 2000-2007 strategy into 2008 and 2009 along with any plans for future reviews.






Richard Taylor


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This request arose out of discussion on my website:

Karen Lumb, Cambridge City Council

08 May 2009

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Dear Mr Taylor

Freedom of Information Request

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated 07/05/2009 requesting
information on Cambridge City Council’s Arboricultural Strategy, under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In accordance with the Act we will
send you the information within 20 working days i.e. by 08/06/2009 at
the latest.

Karen Lumb
Customer Services Manager

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this

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Diana Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge City Council

Dear Sir
In response to your FOI request:

The Strategy documents are to be placed on the Council's web site and will be found on
Home page/Planning and Building Control/Historic Buildings and Trees/Policy Documents

The preparation, consultation and publication of a new Arboricultural Strategy is included in the Council Service Plan for 2009-2010

Diana Oviatt-Ham

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this

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As far as I can see this document has still not been published.

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The council's 2000-2007 Arboricultural strategy along with its midway review have now been published at:

No current policy is provided though.