Call for Langdon Hills Academy

Philip Gibbs made this Freedom of Information request to Basildon Borough Council

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Basildon Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Basildon District Council,

In the BBC document "Topic Paper TP7 Community Infrastructure" (February 2012) there is a statement in section 22 that "There have been recent calls to establish a new academy at Langdon Hills and creating a vocational school at James Hornsby."This was written in the context of the Essex County Council document "Commissioning School Places Essex 2011-2016" however there is nothing in the published version of that document that mentions such plans.

Please could you tell me what this statement alluded to and provide copies of documents or references that mention it so that I can seek more information on the matter. In particular I would like to know was making the "recent calls" as mentioned in the above quote, or where they were documented.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Philip Gibbs

Basildon Borough Council

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