Calculation of mileage rate used for Variation requests

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Dear Child Maintenance Service, (CMS) formally known as Child Support Agency)

I understand the NRP have to pay the travel costs if it is under £10, but what is the official variation calculation for mileage of pence per mile cost by CMS, please explain in detail the formula used and how this calculates inflation i.e. future petrol costs?

Furthermore, so there is no confusion, please tell me the current pence per mile rate that is used to qualify travel cost variations that are submitted?

Then please explain the calculation formula used to obtain that current pence per mile rate figure that is used by CMS?

Yours faithfully,

CM FOI Focal Point, Child Support Agency

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Dear J Mccullen,
Please find attached response to your Freedom of Information request.
Department for Work and Pensions - Child Maintenance
Freedom of Information Act Focal Point

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G. Harrison left an annotation ()

They have simply pointed you to the company car rates and not to the personal car rates. There is an ongoing FOI request for policy or legislative evidence on why they keep signposting people to company car rates (11p a mile) instead of personal car rates (45p a mile) here:

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