CAFCASS reference Gov/CAF 18-099

Hoppy Napoli made this Freedom of Information request to Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service,

I refer to CAFCASS' letter Gov/CAF 18-099 exhibited at

In the letter, on page 1, last paragraph, clicking on "Operating Framework " produces a web site security message that the CAFCASS web site is dangerous because something is wrong.

QUESTION: what is the technical problem and how long has it existed ?

QUESTION: On web page, what links should one click-on to discover sections 4.1- 4.4 and sections 1.2 and 5.33 ? Proper FOI replies should shown the *precise location* - perhaps your FOI training is incomplete ?

QUESTION: When CAFCASS writes " if a solicitor considers that the child wishes to give instructions which conflict with those of the Children’s Guardian; and the child is able, having regard to his/her understanding, to give such instructions, then the solicitor must conduct the proceedings on the child’s instructions, subject to approval of the court. " which solicitor or type of solicitor is CAFCASS referring to ?

QUESTION: Please supply all documents on the subject of "CAFCASS not publishing on its web site an effective means for aggrieved parents to complain, in confidence, about CAFCASS social workers."

You will, one optimistically hopes, appreciate FOI answer avoidance tactics such as "Please see here for our Cafcass Complaints Policy and Procedure which sets out the complaints procedure. Information can also be found on our Complaints Factsheet." is no proper substitute for the inability of some PDF display programmes to reveal the - if it exists - URL for blue highlighted text. On my current programme I can not see the links if they exist. So please don't be clever, just be simple and quote the precise URL. Would be nice if you also fully answered the question or were honest and wrote you can't be bothered.

Thank you.

Have a happy day.

Yours faithfully,

Hoppy Napoli

Governance, Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

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Dear Hoppy Napoli,


Thank you for your email. Please find attached our response to your
queries in relation to your Freedom of Information request (CAF18-099).


Kind regards,


Governance Team | Cafcass

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