Dear South Yorkshire Police,
I note in the media report from March 2017 Doncaster Police were introducing a cadet recruitment scheme, and that 25 recruits were swearing an oath of some kind to promise to do their duty.

FOI Q1.For Doncaster police, please advise on the number of cadets sworn in between March 2017 and September 2019, their genders and reported ethnic identification, if known, to understand their representation of their local community and the recruitment trend.

FOI Q2.Obviously cadet numbers are not static, for Doncaster Police what is the current numbers of active cadets listed in terms of gender and ethnic identification?

FOI Q3. Please provide a copy of the oath of allegiance the recruits have to swear and advise who decided upon the wording of the oath, to establish if it it common across all police forces.

FOI Q4.For South Yorkshire Police as a whole, what is the current number of active police cadets recorded, in terms of gender and ethnic identification?

Yours faithfully,
Dennis Fallon (BScHons)

FOI, South Yorkshire Police

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Dear Dennis Fallon


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request.





Louise Holmes


South Yorkshire Police

Information Compliance Unit

Professional Standards Department

Unit 20 Sheffield 35A Business Park

Churchill Way


S35 2PY


Email - [email address]

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Dear FOI,
Thank you and your Community Safety Manager for your excellent help.
I shall mark this request as completed / closed.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Fallon( BScHons)