Byelaws relating to UAV Flights

Simon Hawkins made this Freedom of Information request to Broxted Parish council as part of a batch sent to 500 authorities

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The request was successful.

Dear Broxted Parish council,

Can you please advise if you have any byelaws relating to the use off UAVs from your land, and if so can you please elder provide a copy or the link to their location on a website.

If you do not have any byelaws, do you have any other policies relating to the use of UAVs on your land?

Can you finally advise if these have been reviewed in relation to CAP722C ( published by the Civil Aviation Authority in December 2020.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Hawkins

Broxted, Broxted Parish council

Dear Mr Hawkins
Can you clarify by saying what a "UAV" is?
In general terms, I can tell you we have no byelaws of any kind. Also the Parish Council does not own any land. It is the trustee of a charity which owns land and it is the custodian of two pieces of common land.
If you wish to pursue your request please let me know by Monday 25 January otherwise I will assume you are content with this response.
Kate Rixson
Broxted Parish Council

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