This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Byelaw Monitoring & Breaches in the New Forest'.

Forestry England 
Sarah Nield 
620 Bristol Business Park   
Via email 
Coldharbour Lane 
26th November 2021 
BS16 1EJ  
Information Request: Byelaw Monitoring & Breaches in N
ew Forest - our ref: 
Dear Sarah Nield, 
Thank you for your recent enquiry we received on 22nd November 2021 in which 
you asked for the following information:  
In relation to the Forestry Commission Byelaws (SI1982 No 648) I would be 
grateful if you could provide information on the following: 
1. Steps taken in the New Forest for the monitoring of compliance with the 
Forestry Commission Byelaws; 
2. The number of investigation carried out into Byelaw breaches within the 
New Forest since 2015; 
3. The number of prosecutions for Byelaw breaches within the New Forest 
since 2015 with an indication of how many were successful. 

We have considered your request under the Environmental Information Regulations 
2004 (EIR) as the information you are seeking is considered “environmental 
information” as defined in Regulation 2 of the EIR. You can read more about the 
EIR here:
Please find our response to your request below: 

1. We are fortunate to have dedicated staff in the New Forest that patrol the 
Forest every day and regularly deal with infringements of byelaws and the majority 
of these cases are dealt with by dialogue and public engagement, and issues are 
resolved without the need to prosecute. There are often alternatives to the 
byelaws that deliver a stronger result, by working closely with other agencies, 
including the Police and the New Forest District Council we can deploy our shared 
resources to best effect. For example, there have been successful actions taken 
against people fly-tipping and anti-social use of motor vehicles off-road. Further 
information on such incidents would need to be requested by the local police 
2-3. We are not aware of any formal notification of a breach from the 2015 to the 
current day, but, as outlined above, there have been management matters 
resolved locally. The minutes of the Verderers’ Court is a good guide to the issues 
which have occurred. You can find these at:   
We have tried to deal with your request as fully as possible. If you have any 
questions, then we would be happy to try and answer these for you. However, 
should you wish to request an internal review of our response please contact: 
Forestry Commission 
Chief Executive Officer 
620 Bristol Business Park 
Coldharbour Lane 
BS16 1EJ 
We aim to resolve any concerns with you directly in the first instance. However, 
should the matter fail to be resolved to your satisfaction, you may make an 
additional appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  
Further information on the role of the ICO and guidance on FOI/EIR can be found 
on the ICO’s website: or by calling the ICO helpline: 0303 123 1113  
Yours sincerely,  
Knowledge & Information Management (KIM) Team 
Forestry England