Dear Swindon Borough Council,

How much do GLL and Seven Capital pay in business rates currently per month and yearly?

Additionally how much have both organisations paid in business rates since 1 January 2014? (Monthly & yearly figures?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Sean Wilson

Customer Services, Swindon Borough Council

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Dear Sean Wilson,

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[1]Swindon Borough Council
Dear Sean Wilson,

Case reference number: FOI003540

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Saunders, Andrew (LGS),

Dear Sean Wilson

The answers to your questions can be found below:


I have been unable to locate any accounts under the liability of Seven
Capital, however GLL (Greenwich Leisure Ltd) do not currently pay any
liability during the 2020/21 financial year due to the Retail Hospitality
and Leisure Relief announced in March 2020 as part of Central Government’s
response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The amounts paid prior to this period are as follows:


Amount Paid for Financial Average Monthly Amount Paid During
Year Year Year
2013/14 £34,618.50 £3,461.85
2014/15 £70,581.70 £7,058.17
2015/16 £125,322.22 £12,532.22
2016/17 £131,977.04 £13,197.70
2017/18 £135,800.86 £13,580.09
2018/19 £136,799.94 £13,679.99
2019/20 £136,098.07 £13,609.81


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If you require any further information concerning this matter please
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Yours sincerely

Andrew Saunders
Contract Manager

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