Buses not stopping at 'Compulsory' bus stops

Greg Macrdechian made this Freedom of Information request to Transport for London

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The request was successful.

Greg Macrdechian

Dear Transport for London,

I am writing on behalf of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to gain clarity on existing bus stop practise.

One of our ward members recently used an R70 service where the bus didn't stop at a compulsory bus stop as the ward member didn't ring the bell.

We believe any new advise regarding this should be clearly publicised at the stops/buses to ensure that members of the public are aware of procedures that bus drivers use in terms of stopping at hailed and compulsory stops.


Greg Macrdechian

Transport for London

Our Ref: 1006834782

Date: 02.07.2010

Mr G Macrdechian

[FOI #36748 email]

Dear Mr Macrdechian

Thank you for your email dated 8 June asking for clarification of bus
stopping practices.

Following a stakeholder consultation conducted in 2007, we have
implemented a change to bus stopping practices, removing the distinction
between compulsory and request stops. It was found that most people using
bus services in London do not distinguish between a request stop and a
compulsory stop. The vast majority of passengers hail the bus if they wish
to board and ring the bell to alight. We are gradually standardising stops
so that they all use the compulsory flag (a red roundel on a white
background). All stops in central London are now of this same design.

The change effectively means that the onus is on the driver to stop if
someone wishes to get on or off, and drivers should only pass a stop if
they are certain that no-one wishes to board or alight. We did not
publicise the change as research indicated that very few passengers would
be changing their normal practice of hailing and ringing the bell.

Thank you again for your correspondence and please let me know if I can be
of further assistance.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Mitchell

Head of Customer Services
Transport for London
Surface Transport Communications & Engagement

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