Bus working timetables - expired files

The request was refused by Transport for London.

Dear Transport for London,
I am following up the answer given on 18th November 2019 by Lee Hill to this request.


The request was for an updated or rolled forward version of the expired bus WTT made available in late 2018, the point being that the weekly updates to the system had not always gone smoothly so some material could well be missing. and which therefore could not be loaded to my website (which TfL has on occasion quoted as a source for older material, thus cutting down potential FOI requests).

The response was "We are currently investigating whether the expired schedules are retained in an archive that could be further published or simply overwritten once they become obsolete and therefore not available."

I have refrained from following it up until now, given the disruption caused by Covid but it is now over two years! I appreciate that it is not strictly speaking a FOI request but as the reply came through the WDTK channel and as it is relevant to the FOI workload this seems the best way of following it up.

Yours faithfully,

M Clary

Dear Transport for London,
Just to note that I should have received a substantive reply by 8th March - but I haven't.

Yours faithfully,

M Clary

Dear Transport for London,
I have now been waiting more than 4 weeks for a reply to my e-mail pointing out that I had been waiting more than 4 weeks for a reply to my original request.

I don't want to ask for an internal review. I just want someone to respond!

Yours faithfully,

M Clary

FOI, Transport for London

Dear M Clary,


I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we have been looking into
the feasibility of this which has regrettably taken more time than we


Unfortunately we do not have a neat historical repository that we can
easily make open and accessible to sit alongside the schedules up to 2018.
Competing interests, limited resources and the complete focus on directly
operational matters has meant that this was not taken forward as a
priority as it was not business critical. Further, creating such a
repository at this point would also require financial and human resource
to collate and complete and, at this time, we do not consider the benefit
to the wider public of diverting limited and specialist resource away from
their core functions and the additional financial impact required to
publish this obsolete and non-operational material is sufficient to


Therefore, to confirm, we do not have currently have any plans to publish
the historical schedules since the previous upload in 2018. I am sorry
that I am unable to respond more positively at this time.


Yours sincerely

Lee Hill

Information Access Manager





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