Dear Shetland Islands Council,

A) How many buses do the SIC have in the fleet?
B)How much do the SIC spend on bus washing per year?

Is it one cost for inside and out?

Yours faithfully,

Steven Macaskill

Shetland Islands Council

Mr Macaskill

We acknowledge receipt of your request for information.

This is receiving attention, and we will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Regards, Louise

Louise Adamson
Committee Officer
Governance and Law
Corporate Services Department
Shetland Islands Council
8 North Ness Business Park
Shetland   ZE1 0LZ

Tel:  01595 744555

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Shetland Islands Council

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Hi Steven

I refer to your request dated 1st October 2019, in which you asked for the information detailed in your email below.

I can advise you that the Council is able to respond to your request in part, in that information in relation to your question A) is recorded information held by the Council, as follows:

The council have 7 buses on fleet.

I have to advise, in terms of Section 17 of the FOISA, your question B) is not recorded information held by the Council.

I trust this meets the terms of your request. However, if you are dissatisfied with the way in which the Council has dealt with your request for information on this occasion, then you may ask the authority to review its actions and decisions in relation to your request, by submitting a formal appeal to the Executive Manager - Governance and Law. A leaflet explaining this process is attached.

Kind Regards

Jarryd Jamieson
Transport Assistant – Monitoring

Transport Planning
8 North Ness Business Park

Telephone: 01595 744161
Email: [email address]

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