Bus safety incident data

Lee Odams made this Freedom of Information request to Caerphilly County Borough Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Caerphilly County Borough Council,

RE: Freedom of Information Request for Caerphilly county borough council Bus Safety
Incident Data for Q1 (1 January – 30 March) 2019
Dear Sir or Madame,
Since 2014, Transport for London (TfL) has published Bus Safety Incident Data on its website
every quarter (https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publication...).
The data publishes shows injuries by Bus Route, Operator and Borough supported by a
dataset containing all this information made available for public scrutiny.
Accordingly, I would to make a Freedom of Information Request for the Caerphilly county borough council
to provide me with a spreadsheet displaying the Bus Safety Incident Data for the period 1
January -30 March 2019 showing:
1. Date of Incident
2. Bus Route
3. Local Name of Operator
4. Operator Group Name (if applicable)
5. Bus Garage/Depot
6. Injury Description (Fatality, Serious/Minor Injury – Taken to Hospital, MinorTreated at Scene)
7. Victim’s Sex
8. Victim’s Age
9. Incident Event Type (Collision, Fall, Assault, other)
10. Victim Category (Passenger, Pedestrian, Cyclists, 3rd Party Vehicle, Bus Driver, other)

Yours sincerely
Lee Odams

Yours faithfully,

Lee Odams

WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Thank you for your recent FOI / EIR request.  Please find attached an
acknowledgement for this request.

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WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

Dear Lee Odams




Thank you for your request for information received on 13th June 2019. We
have considered your request and enclose the following information -


There have been no bus safety incidents during the period 1st January to
31st March 2019 for our in-house operator Connect2.


We do not hold data for the commercial bus operators within our Borough.


We supply this information based on your original request.  If this is not
what you wanted or if you feel we have not fully understood your request
please do not hesitate to contact me to clarify your exact requirements.


If you have any queries or concerns or are in any way dissatisfied with
the handling of your request please contact [1][Caerphilly County Borough Council request email].


Yours sincerely



Corporate Information Governance Unit




Freedom of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations


You have the right to appeal against our decision.
If you wish to appeal please set If you are unhappy with that decision
out in writing your grounds of you have the right to appeal to:
appeal and send to:
Corporate Information Governance
Unit Information Commissionerâ s Office â
Caerphilly county borough council, Wales
Penallta House 2nd Floor, Churchill House
Tredomen Park Churchill Way
Hengoed. CF82 7PG Cardiff CF10 2HH


Appeals will be determined by an Tel: 0330 414 6421
appropriate senior officer.
Website: [2]www.ico.org.uk

Email: [3][email address]



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Designs and Patents Act 1988. Re-use can include, but is not limited to,
making multiple copies, publishing and issuing copies of the information
to a wider audience. If you would like to re-use copyright material owned
by Caerphilly County Borough Council, please contact us. Authorisation to
re-use copyright material not owned by this Authority should be sought
directly from the copyright owner.






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