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Freya Large made this Freedom of Information request to Cardiff University

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Cardiff University did not have the information requested.

Dear Cardiff University,

I would like to enquire how Cardiff Uni procures sub-contractors for building management for BMS, how much a year they spend and also who is their current provider for maintenance.

Yours faithfully,

Freya Large

InfoRequest, Cardiff University

Dear Freya Large

I acknowledge receipt of your email received by this office on 5 July 2022.

Your request will now be dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and has been allocated reference FOI22-220 which should be quoted in all correspondence. We will respond to your request within 20 working days starting the next working day after receipt, therefore you can expect to receive a response no later than 2 August 2022.

In some circumstances a fee may be payable and, if that is the case, we will let you know. A fees notice will be issued to you, and you will be required to pay before we will proceed to deal with your request.

Yours sincerely

Swyddfa Ysgrifenydd y Brifysgol
Prifysgol Caerdydd
Ebost : [email address]

Mae'r Brifysgol yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg neu'n Saesneg. Ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn creu unrhwy oedi.

University Secretary’s Office
Cardiff University
Email: [email address]

The University welcomes correspondence in Welsh or English. Corresponding in Welsh will not lead to any delay.

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InfoRequest, Cardiff University

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Dear Freya Large,


I am writing in response to your Freedom of Information request dated 5^th
July 2022.


For ease of reference, I have reproduced your questions below and set out
our corresponding responses.


I would like to enquire how Cardiff Uni procures sub-contractors for
building management for BMS.

Generally, suppliers wishing to become suppliers of goods and services to
Cardiff University should request appropriate qualified vendor application
forms and apply to become same through Cardiff University Finance /
Procurement departments, where applications will be considered and
progressed / rejected subject to their scrutiny and consultation.


For procurement of its contracts, the University in general, advertises
and invites tender submissions in response to detailed specifications of
works as provided, through market competed processes in accordance with
public sector rules, as undertaken through its procurement department.


How much a year they spend

Assuming this element of the query pertains to BeMS System related
service, support and spares for BeMS related and associated Building
Service Control Systems (numerous), for the 12 Month period June-21
through June-22, the total sum would be £412,816.70


And also who is their current provider for maintenance.

Again, assuming the question relates specifically to BeMS related service
and support. Cardiff University has various service providers for BeMS
service and support, these are presently:

• Trend Advance
• Exact BMS


I trust this information satisfies your enquiry.  Should you feel
dissatisfied with this response or the way in which your request was
handled you can request an Internal Review. This should be made in writing
within 40 working days of the date of this email. Please provide your
unique reference number of your request, information on why you are
dissatisfied and any detail you would like us to consider as part of the
Internal Review process. Email your request to
[1][email address] where it will be forwarded to the Head of
Compliance and Risk who will be responsible for overseeing the review.


If you remain dissatisfied following the outcome, you have the right to
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for consideration.  The
Information Commissioner can be contacted at the following address:
Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire, SK9 5AF.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in
Cardiff University. If you require further assistance, please feel free to
contact me.






Ian Johnson                                                               
             Ian Johnson  

  Swyddog Cydymffurfiaeth                                    
              Compliance Officer 


Swyddfa Ysgrifennydd y Brifysgol    University Secretary’s Office 

Prifysgol Caerdydd    Cardiff University 

42 Park Place      42 Park Place  

Caerdydd    Cardiff 

CF10 3BB    CF210 3BB 
Ffôn: 029 208 79633  Phone: 029 208 79633 

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Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth trwy’r We welcome correspondence in Welsh or
Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg. Ni fydd gohebu    English. Corresponding in Welsh will
yn Gymraeg yn creu unrhyw oedi.  not lead to any delay. 


Ysgrifennwch ataf yn Gymraeg neu’n Please write to me in Welsh or
Saesneg  English 





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