Dear Carshalton College,

Please can you supply us with the following information:

1. Staff training budget for 2014/15
2. Budget holder name and contact details for staff development
3. Dates for staff development training 2014/15

4. External consultancy support budget for 2014/15
5. Budget holder name and contact details for external consultancy support
6. Dates for external observations planned for 2014/15

Best wishes


Jane Morrison,

Every year the Colleges allocate monies towards a central CPD budget and each year the budget has been reduced.

Usually 50% is given back to each of the Curriculum and Support Area CPD budgets for them to use as appropriate for their staff to up-skill and to fund a central Lead Practitioner
The whole budget this year was £50,000 and almost £33,000 went back into individual curriculum/support budgets and to fund a Lead Practitioner.

The remaining 50% pays for central CPD allocations including PGCE/Teacher Training for some new members of staff 4.5 members of staff at 2,500 each (new staff are being recruited as we progress this term and this may well increase) = £10,000

We are currently discussing using the remaining £7,000 towards some succession planning CPD with the IoE and/or something centrally on English & maths.

I hold and allocate this central budget.

Curriculum Managers and Support Areas hold and are responsible for their very small budget allocations.

We have one hour a week 'off timetable' dedicated to CPD - The College agrees a central theme and every curriculum teams takes this forwards and leads on this. They do not spend money it is done entirely internally.

My Division runs other training sessions - available at that time on certain weeks but again these are all delivered by internal colleagues. For example, E&D updates, Finance updates, HR updates, Moodle Training, etc

We do not have an external consultancy support budget allocation.

Hope this helps.


Jane Morrison
Director of Quality, Learning & Academic Standards
Kingston College

D: 020 8268 2866

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