Please could you tell me your local authority’s 2019/20 annual allocated budget for the following services:

1. Out of Area Gum Activity
2. Infection Prevention & Control

3. NHS Health Checks (Enhanced Service)
4. Chlamydia Screening (Enhanced Service)
5. Emergency Hormonal Contraception (Enhanced Service)
6. IUCDs (Enhanced Service)
7. Contraceptive Implants (Enhanced Service)
8. Shared Care Drugs (Enhanced Service)
9. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Enhanced Service)
10. Pharmacy Intermediate Care/Smoking Cessation) (Enhanced Service)
11. Supervised Consumption (Enhanced Service)
12. Needle & Syringe Service Programme (Enhanced Service)
13. Needle & Syringe Waste Collection (Enhanced Service)

14. Integrated Substance Misuse Treatment Service
15. Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment
16. Tobacco Control Smokefree Service
17. IT System for Health Checks
18. Pharmacy IT System
19. Data monitoring and reporting

20. Family Support Services for those affected by substance misuse
21. Homeless Community Shelter Services
22. HIV Support
23. Troubled Family Support Services around children
24. Specialist Weight Management
25. Child Obesity
26. Adult Physical Activity
27. Alcohol Liaison Nursing Service

28. Falls Prevention Service

29. Vision Screening In Special Schools

30. School Nursing
31. Health Visiting
32. Family Nurse Partnership
33. School Screening (NCMP, Mainstream Vision Screening & Hearing Screening)

34. Speech, Language & Communication Services

35. Young Peoples Substance Misuse Team
36. Teenage Sexual Health Advice Services

37. Excess Winter Deaths

38. Community Sports Activation and Youth Sports
39. Leisure Investment

40. Business Liaison

41. Health Improvement Services
42. Business Health Promotion in EH
43. Self Harm and Sucide Prevention
44. Outdoor Gyms Maintenance
45. Arts on Prescription

46. Public Health Staffing

Thank you very much.

B Akehurst.

freedomofinformation, Wakefield City Council

Dear Mr B Akehurst,




Thank you for your email requesting information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.  It is our intention to have the response delivered
to you by 29 July 2019.


I would like to inform you that all requests submitted under the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 might be subject to exemption(s), which the
Authority is entitled to apply to refuse the request.


Any future correspondence you may have in relation to this matter should
be marked Private & Confidential and sent to the Senior Information
Governance Officer, Information Management Team, County Hall, Wakefield
WF1 2QW or e-mailed to [1][Wakefield City Council request email].



Yours sincerely



Information Governance Officer

Corporate Information Governance Team,

Legal and Governance

Wakefield Council, County Hall, Wakefield WF1 2QW

Email: [2][Wakefield City Council request email]

Tel: 01924 306112


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freedomofinformation, Wakefield City Council

1 Attachment

Dear B Akehurst,


Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Request for Information


I am writing in respect of your recent enquiry for information held by the
Authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.


Please find the response to your request attached.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries
regarding this matter.


Yours sincerely


Information Governance Officer

Information Governance Team

Legal and Governance

Wakefield Council

Tel: 01924 306112

E-mail: [1][Wakefield City Council request email]


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