Brucella canis, and workplace infections

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Dear Health and Safety Executive,

Please could you tell me:
1. How many work place reportable incidents you have received in respect of workers that became infected with the reportable disease Brucella canis in each (broken down by type of workplace) of the following workplaces: veterinary practices, laboratories processing animal samples, laboratories processing human samples, kennels (breeding), kennels (other), dog-care facilities, other dog related industries?
Please could you split this sample by:
a. year (2018 - 2023) + overall
b. whether the person was sero-positive only (i.e. no clinical signs), or sero-positive + clinical signs.
2. For people that tested positive for brucella canis and had clinical signs, please could you indicate:
a. how many required hospitalisation
b. how many died?

Yours faithfully,

Ms Buckley

Bioagents, Health and Safety Executive

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Dear Ms Buckley,

Please find attached response to your request regarding Brucella Canis workplace infections.


Local Disclousre Officer CEMHD 4, Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 7HS

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